Suck it Up! Buttercup!

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Suck it Up! Buttercup!

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Wild Pro Style Babes!

These two professional women wrestlers go at it with a fury, exchanging
stinging chops, reverse headlocks, scissors, surfboards, Airplane spins, and
powerful body slams! DeVille, being very ring savvy, invents new holds to
punish the brunette beauty and puts Desire in a wicked vertical split, you’ll
have to see this one, giving DeVille the upper hand. See More>>>


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Suck it Up! Buttercup!

She just punishes the man with stomps, surfboards, back breakers, 
bulldogs, boston and scorpion crabs and head and body scissors with 
her powerful and beautiful legs. She easily lifts and carry’s him 
in an airplane spin, and then slams him hard to the mat. She 
delivers a figure four leg lock, but she won’t let him give, 
not just yet. Knee breakers, rib busters, bear hug’s and 
clothes lines till she feels she has had enough of her boy toy. 
She powerfully and seductively puts him in a sleeper hold 
and he slowly fades away into oblivion. See More>>>


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