Wonder Woman Video Idea

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So my scenario is that Wonder Woman wakes up bound by her lasso, the man holding her hostage wants to be rich. His idea? He’s going to make Wonder Woman into a porn star. She tries to fight the lasso as a blank expression runs over her face. It reprograms her brain as he commands her that she will be the kinkiest porn star ever and he will be her handler. He tells her that he know exactly where to start.

It cuts to her, standing in front of a camera. She is on a live stream as she tells the world she will no longer be a superheroine. She has decided to change careers and she’s going to give the world a sneak peek. The camera cuts to a title card of a movie. Most people think it is something innocent at first. Maybe she’s going the movie star route. Before long, she is bent over. It is a full porno. It ends with her face being covered in cum, talking to the camera again, thanking her fans for their support as she licks her face and giggles. She says new video will be out tomorrow and winks.
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