Wonders of History ( second attempt)

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Wonders of History ( second attempt)

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Thank you to VegaTaxeca for showing me where I had failed this story. I have reworked it and hope the new version holds up a little better.

Wonders of History

By Valley Vixin

Dr Asata Kandakes, PhD, holder of the prestigious Chair of Egyptology in the Metropolitan museum looked at the fresco that had been recovered from the burial chamber in ancient Mero, heartland of the Kushan Empire that had been the source of the Nubian XXV Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. What she saw in the fresco was something that people a hundred years ago would not have understood, that no one from before the Second World War would have understood, because it was the depiction of something that had no business being part of Kushan/Nubian history, for it was a legend of Greece long thought to be nothing but the conjured fear of misogynist Hellenic Greeks about fictional free women stronger than male warriors.

With the return of Wonder Woman, Princess of Diana of Themyscira, the fresco clearly depicted what could only be Amazons. Dr Asata Kandakes felt her own body start to blush as the answer for how the Kushans could suddenly rise to power enough to sweep aside the might of Egypt, when the Pharoh had turned them back so many times before. The answer was one that shocked Dr Kandakes to her soul, but stirred in her loins and her blood a hunger that she had no idea lay inside her. What was depicted, what answered the question of how the Nubians suddenly gained the power to sweep aside Egypt answered the same question as how the Kushans of that age maintained Matrilineal succession through their conquest and of Egypt, and why it was only with the loss of that Matrilineal rule and the rise of the Patriarchy in Egypt that the Nubian rule was broken.

What to do? Were she to announce this, the chance that she would become a target, considering the conservative Muslim patriarchal rule of Egypt today, and the somewhat quieter but no less real war on women that the Christian fundamentalists and conservatives waged in this country, her chances of profiting from this revelation in traditional ways were slim. Yet, there was both a path to confirming her suspicions, securing her protection, and securing a reward far greater than money or glory. She had to select her team of students for this dig carefully. In this age of affirmative action, it should be possible to select a group that shared the particular traits required to keep this dig a secret, and give her the people required to make her greater plan a reality.

Last of all, when the time came for the big reveal, a select guest list of female celebrities of colour, and of course, the guest of honour, Wonder Woman.

“Please accept our invitation to be the guest of honour at the revealing of one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the last two centuries, a discovery that will rock the patriarchal understanding of the ancient world to its roots, and restore the rightful place of African Queens in ancient history. As the Defender of All Women, not just white women, and as the single greatest living authority on Amazonian culture, we implore you to join with us and lend your knowledge, your name, and your service to the restoration of the true role Matriarchal African society in the ancient world.”

The email, later the invitation delivered by courier to the Themysciran embassy, was signed by Dr Asata Kandakes, a short black woman whose rich curves were closer to a paleolithic goddess statue, big belly and big curves, than that of a Greek Goddess like Wonder Woman. Diana knew her work, had been part of verifying some of the Minoan works recovered by new submersibles from the bottom of the Mediterranean. Dr Kandakes had struck her as being a woman deeply, passionately committed to restoring the place of women in history that had been deliberately wiped away by centuries of Patriarchal rule. Diana smiled, the very name Kandakes was the name Kushan’s gave to the sisters of the King. In a Matriarchal it was the children of the king’s sister who would inherit, as the right to rule was maternal. First it was the Queens that ruled, and then the sons of Queens, and then only at the end was it weak and foolish sons of Kings who lead the kingdom to ruin. Her mind shied instinctively away from the forbidden truths, the truths hidden from history everywhere outside Themyscira, the Island of the Amazons.

She would attend the gala. She was the Defender of All Women, the one charged with helping women achieve their proper place in what had become entirely too much man’s world. She supposed as both the most famous of the Amazons and the greatest living scholar of the ancient world, she would have a unique ability to attest to the veracity of a find that the male archeological community would prefer to hide. She smiled, it was her place to make sure power bent to truth. There was no power in man’s world she feared to defy, and no better voice than hers to attest to truth.

She should have looked out of place, her costume of gold, scarlet and blue as much the iconography of the United States and its Imperialist tradition as it was of her own Amazonian heritage, but with her raven hair crowned by her golden tiara, the warrior promise of her matchless muscles, and the opulent curves of her womanly frame, she outshone the stars of the gala, while evoking the wild promise of untamed ancient goddesses. In the midst of the jewel tones and outrageous fashions of the richest, most famous, and in many cases, most controversial women of colour, Wonder Woman did not look so much out of place, but the centerpiece.

Dr Asata Kandakes, her short stout figure moving with the sort of ponderous dignity of a queen, not the usual bouncing eagerness of the grad student of long ago, overcome with her latest discovery.

“In the ancient Kushan Highlands, the birthplace of the Nubian Empire, in the ancient ruins of Meroe, a discovery was made that fundamentally changes our understanding of the 25th Dynasty of Egypt in the seventh century BC, for it was not an age of Black Kings who brought Egypt low, but the conquest of Black Queens, and those who served them.”

The last line was delivered with a tone between command and threat, and the professor’s gaze locked on Wonder Woman. Dr Kandakes pulled out an ivory elephant tusk rod, a little broader than a person, to which were fastened a bronze cuff at each end. A bronze band marked the middle, where a ring connected it to a second ivory tusk that ended with another bronze ring, this one a larger collar with heavy front ring and two dangling, far more delicate chains.

Wonder Woman felt her blood go cold.

Dr Asata Kandakes picked up a remote as she laid the items together on a table in front of Wonder Woman who stood rooted in shock, as the little Nubian woman spoke lightly.

“I wonder if Princess Diana of Themyscira, Princess of the Amazons, can tell us what this object is, and how it relates to Amazonian history, in particular, to the Amazons role in the rise of the Nubian Queens shown in this recovered fresco.”

Diana felt her body flush, the shame of the hidden history, and the forbidden desire that had overcome her every time she thought about what she had been shown in the Vault of Queens on Themyscria, where the secret shame of their past is remembered only by the royalty of the Amazons.

Diana felt the weight of the Lasso of Hestia on her hip, felt the weight of the Lasso of Truth even when it did not bind her. She felt herself begin to speak.

“It began 745 BCE, in the rule of the Amazonian Queen Bytheneos, although her name was stricken from our public history, and became not simply a curse, or a joke, but the root of a word for what Amazons hate beyond all else. Submsissive.

In that time, the Amazons had been at war with the Greek and Phoenicians who dominated trade in the Mediterranean, and sought to push our trade routes South and East to the Red Sea. We came upon the ancient Kushites, a warrior tribe of archers and spearmen in which the women fought along side the men, unlike the other lesser peoples the Amazons had conquered or brushed aside. It was not our custom to take slaves, for men were of no use to us save for single use breeding stock, and there were no women who were either strong or beautiful enough to stir us. Until the Kushans.

The black bodies of the Kushans who history remembers as the Nubians were far different than the Greeks, Phoenicians or Persians that the Amazons had seen. They were not white nor Asiatic, but black. The women were fierce, even if their purely mortal strength was no where near the equal of even the weakest Amazon, they fought with intelligence, with courage, and with pride that even conquest did not rob from them. The taking of Kushan slave girls became a right of passage for Amazon warriors. Only the greatest Amazon could make one submit, so of course the great Kushan queen Asata was taken by no lesser warrior than the Queen of the Amazons herself, Queen Bytheneos.

Queen Bytheneos became smitten with her slave Queen Asata. The slave refused to wear slave garb, preferring to be naked rather than accept any rainment less than Queen, nor would she bear any jewelry or decoration, stating that she would bear only weapons. Queen Bytheneos strove hard to break Queen Asata, and indeed forced herself on her nightly, but while Queen Bytheneos could beat Asata, could dominate her physically with the strength no mortal could equal, and while she could sample the charms of Queen Asata against her will, never once would Queen Asata lower herself to serve the pleasure of her conqueror.

It became an obsession. Finally, in order to get her slave to serve her in any capacity, Queen Bytheneos agreed to answer Queen Asata’s questions so long as Queen Asata would bathe the Amazonian Queen, would braid her hair, would massage and oil her royal body. The two conditions Queen Bytheneos had to agree to were that she would always call her slave “Queen Asata”, and that she would answer any question, no matter what, honestly. Since they were in the privacy of the Amazon Queen’s own war tents or palaces, the Amazon Queen agreed.

Queen Asata asked Queen Bytheneos “Why is it that your Amazons are so much stronger than our own warriors? I have seen you take males from every conquered tribe, as quick to use a slave as a king, a warrior or a cripple, yet all your girl children are stronger as toddlers than any man grown.”

The Amazon Queen was enjoying the massage being given to her by Queen Asata, and purred in pleasure, as she answered without thinking.

“It is because the girl children are nursed by Amazons. The breast milk of the Amazons transforms any child that drinks it into an immortal Amazon with the strength and speed of a demigod. Even a normal mortal who drank such milk would borrow the strength of the Amazon herself. The only thing stronger is a woman nursed by the milk of the Amazon Queen.” Queen Bytheneos purred as Queen Asata worked her fingers over the Amazonian Queen’s own breasts, looking on with the patience of a hunting lioness as the Queens pale breasts expressed a little milk as her Nubian slave massaged them firmly.

Queen Bytheneos was beside herself as with each day her slave “Queen Asata” as the Amazon Queen was forced to call her, teased her more and more with every massage, arousing but never finishing her. A dozen times the Amazon Queen would pin her down and force the black royal to orgasm after orgasm with her tongue, a dozen times she whipped her until she could not stand, but still the slave/queen would not lend a finger or tongue, nor even a scissoring thigh to relieve her Amazonian conqueror.

At last, Queen Asata told Queen Bytheneos that she would indeed offer her a chance that Queen Asata would please the lusty Amazon with her mouth, and hands, and whole body and will if only the Amazon Queen would wrestle her naked. The one that submitted would please the other until they were satisfied. Given this at last, the Queen of the Amazons did not think, she simply swore an oath upon her crown that she would agree to those terms, if Queen Asata would agree to wrestle her every night. Thus it was sworn, and thus was the betrayal of the Amazons begun, by the will of their own Queen.

The first wrestling match was epic, for although Queen Asata was the better wrestler, Queen Bytheneos was ten times stronger, and faster. The match took as long as it did not because the Amazonian Queen could not beat her black lover, but because she hand never felt any thrill as glorious as struggling with her, pretending that it was a risk who would win. Seeing the ferocity in Asata’s dark eyes, feeling the sweat of their bodies, one light as the moon goddess Artemis, one dark as night, Bytheneous was almost overcome with lust. She wrestled Asata until she could take it no more, then she pinned her.

At last, Queen Asata lunged forward and kissed the Amazon Queen. Not the Amazon forcing herself upon Asata, this time it was Asata who was the aggressor. Kissing her fiercely, she drove her tongue into the Amazon Queen’s mouth and raped it with the savagery of an army sacking a town. Her hands wound into the Amazons hair and claimed her face, pinning her to the ground as she ravaged her mouth, leaving the Amazon breathless. She kissed and licked down the Amazon Queen’s neck as her hands drifted down to cup the white queens ample breasts and maul them roughly, knowing the other’s superior body would not feel pain the same way a moral woman’s would. As the black queen sucked and bit at the Amazon’s neck, leaving marks of ownership on the queen’s pale flesh, her fingers strayed down to the Amazon Queen’s own needy pussy, and began to stroke her labia, forcing the Amazon Queen to raise her hips, desperately chasing the teasing fingers that brushed light enough on the eager clit to excite, but not to complete.

Soon the Nubian Queen descended on the Amazon’s heaving breasts and took one into her mouth as she finally slid her fingers into the over eager Amazon’s needy pussy. As the Amazon Queen arched her back in pleasure, the Nubian Queen bit on the Amazon’s nipple as hard as she could, coupling the pleasure giving of her fingers with the pain giving of her mouth. Thus was the training of the Amazon Queen begun as she had her first climax under her slave’s conquering teeth and fingers. As cum squirted out of the Amazon Queen’s pussy, milk filled the hungry mouth of Queen Asata. Milk, and power.

All night long Queen Asata trained the Amazon Queen how to associate the punishment of Queen Asata’s hands, and teeth, with the pleasure she had never known, or even dreamed possible. It was less than an hour before Queen Asata forced her to beg her to be allowed to cum.

“Beg me, if you want to cum bitch.” Queen Asata.

“Asata, please, I love you!” Queen Bytheneos begged, writhing helplessly, trying to reach the pleasing/punishing fingers of her lover, somehow accepting that the black woman naturally could hold the Amazon Queen helpless without wondering how this could be true.

“I am Queen Asata to you, and if you want to cum, then you will beg to be my slave!” the enslaved Queen of the Kushites, the founder of the Numidian Dynasty snarled at the proud Amazon, taking her nipple and twisting it savagely, making the Amazon writhe in torment.

“Please Queen Asata, please let your slave cum!” The Queen of the Amazons begged, and Queen Asata relented, and brought the Queen to a climax that shattered both her mind and her pride.

Over the next weeks, Queen Bytheneos thought she had won the love of her beloved slave, and mistook what happened in her bower as a game and not a change in the dynamic between them. Thus she did not see the problem when Queen Asata whispered to her in their bed that night.

“All of your captains, every band leader, and even half the common warriors have one Kushite slave girl. You are Queen. Should you not have more? Should you not be served by four of them at least? Are you not at least that worthy compared to a lowly warrior?” Queen Asata whispered.

Queen Bytheneos turned to her lover and asked “Will you not be jealous?” Queen Asata laughed, slipping a finger into the pussy of her half trained submissive. “Slaves get jealous, Queens simply demand service.” Queen Asata said as she fingered the Amazon Queen to a whimpering orgasm.

Soon, the nightly bedroom games had Queen Bytheneos wrestling her slave Queen Asata until Queen Asata would pin the Amazon, and then she would force the Queen of the Amazons to please each of her Nubian slave girls as they fed from her breasts in turn. Within a week, the nightly games involved the Queen of the Amazons being forced to submit, to accept punishment and humiliation from each of the four Nubians, and spend her entire night doing nothing but worshipping their bodies with the passion and drive of the most natural pleasure slave.

Queen Bytheneos thought nothing of four becoming twelve, and soon each night she served and was milked by a dozen of the proud Kushite warrior women. She had been conquered nightly by each of the Kushite women in the camp, as who served in the dozen rotated each night, until each of the Kushite slaves in the camp had her chance to dominate and to milk the Amazon Queen.

Soon rumours of the orgies of the Amazon Queen began to make trouble among the Amazon warriors of the camp, as each of them had been forced to give up their slaves to the Queen, and the slaves when they returned no longer submitted to their Amazon warriors, as they claimed that right belonged only to the Queen. Faced with the prospect of revolt, Queen Asata whispered to the Amazon Queen that she should let four of the Amazons who usually guard the tent take part in the orgy, while four of the Kushites stand guard of the tent. The Queen was reluctant both to share her Kushite lovers, and to arm slaves, but by this point she had been trained to submit to any request of her supposed slave, the one she called “Queen Asata”.

The first night four proud Amazon guards came to sport with the eight black Kushan slave girls, to find out at last what the cries of endless and desperate ecstasy had been all about as they had stood guard outside, growing wetter and wetter, but never allowed to see or sample the rich black woman-flesh of the Kushans.

“My proud Amazons, my daughters, my sisters, this night you will learn a secret that until now only I know. A secret no Amazon has ever been brave enough to embrace, but this secret cannot be told, it cannot be shown, it can only be experienced. I will tell you now, I experienced it myself the first time I took my slave girl’s challenge to wrestle her naked, that the victor be served in pleasure by the one she conquered. Never before had Queen Asata yielded so much as a kiss to me. Only when we strove together, breast to breast did the truth she had to teach me come out.” Queen Bytheneos of the Amazons told her proud Amazon champions.

Her guards were the strongest of the Amazons, and the proudest. Added to that, the words of their queen had fired their loins to dripping weakness, even as it lit their blood with fire hotter than the forges of Hephaestus, it was their pride more than their desire that delivered them into bondage.

“Since my queen demanded the service of a dozen of you black wenches, I will take two of you together, as will each of my sisters. We will teach you the strength of the Amazons, and the place of the Kushans!” Swore Captain Caliope of the Queen’s Own.

Two of the Kushans stripped naked, and together stripped the Amazon captain. They oiled her skin, taking their time to oil her breasts, buttocks and delicate sex as they prepared to wrestle. Captain Caliope was not her Queen, she did not seek love, but rather conquest and relief from the burning passion that days listening to the crack of the whip, the moans of slave sluts, and the triumphant scream of the conquering Queen had left her almost mindless with lust.

About her, the other three Amazon champions clutched with their own black maidens in similar acts of loving war, and lesbian conquest, with similar results.

At first it was as Caliope expected. Her power was unmatched, save for the Queen herself, and her skill was even better than her stronger but less experienced monarch. Yet, the Kushan women were equal in spirit, and far closer in strength than they should be. They came together, bodies slipping and sliding, black breasts sliding over white, black hands caressing white flesh, white hands gripping firm black flesh and sliding over soft black perfection. Caliope pinned her first wench, and claimed her mouth with a savage kiss, working strong pale fingers into the black warriors tight pussy with abandon, her thumb dragging at the warriors clit with each sawing strike of probing fingers, drawing a moan of surrender from the black woman. The second tried to strangle Caliope from behind, but instead, Caliope simply ducked her head and pinned the black arm between her pale chin and chest, rolling her shoulders to throw the black warrior to the ground beside her companion. Reaching out a hand to grip the throat of the other Kushan warrior, she choked her until the warrior tapped out, admitting surrender and moving her body to embrace her Amazon conqueror.

That is when the trap sprung. Moving down the Amazon’s back, the second warrior began to part Caliope’s cheeks and press her lips into the Amazons tight rosebud. In shock the Amazon arched her back as her asshole felt a strong tongue press into her pink rosebud, making the proud Amazon moan like a slut. The first pinned Kushan smiled as the proud Amazon’s predator’s eyes became those of helpless prey as pleasure took her. Kissing down the neck of the Amazon who thought her beaten, she sucked and bit her neck, showing the Amazon the link between Kushan inflicted pain and Amazon pleasure. Kissing down the Amazon’s chest, she took one breast in her mouth, and began to suck, even as she took the other in her hands and began to massage it. Soon she was sucking milk from the Amazon, even as her fingers alternated between drawing whimpers of lust, and whimpers of pain as she alternately toyed with and twisted the proud Amazon’s nipples.

Soon Caliope felt herself pushing her ass back into the tongue of her Kushan conquest, who then replaced her tongue with two fingers sliding into the Amazon’s ass. Teasing her, she trained the Amazon to push her ass back, to beg for the violation, then she began to alternate spanking the proud pale warrior and finger fucking her virgin ass. Soon she had taught Caliope to associate the punishment of her ass cheeks, with the pleasure of the beginnings of her anal submission training. As the first Kushan had drank her fill, and taken the power of the Amazon for her own, she switched placed with her friend.

Now the second Amazon took the fingers right from Caliope’s ass, and fed them to the proud Amazon captains mouth.

“Lick my fingers clean, Amazon slut. Taste what a born slave tastes like.” The Kushan snarled as she shoved the fingers in Caliope’s mouth, laughing as the proud Amazon Captain sucked her own ass slime off the Kushan’s fingers as the proud Kushan warrior used her like some cheap tavern whore from Man’s World. Caliope came like a bitch in heat as the first Kushan had forced three fingers in the Amazon’s ass, and now began to spank her hard enough to leave a mark with every strike. The proud Amazon captain realized she loved feeling helpless beneath the power of the Kushans she had just beaten into submission with violence. She had made them submit with violence, now they were making her submit with lust.

The first Amazon now sucked Caliope’s breast, alternating sucking and biting, even as her fingers sawed into the Amazons dripping sex. Between the teeth on her nipple and the punishing Amazon strength slaps to her ass Caliope felt a pain she had never known, and a desire not to fight it, but to be HELPLESS before it, because it was not alone. No. There were fingers in her cunt, fingers in her ass. Her hair was yanked back and her back bent like a bow as the Kushan behind her yanked her by her head back into the four fingers now resizing her virgin asshole into just another fuck hole for black conquest.

The Kushan before her slapped her face again and again as she reached down and twisted Caliope’s nipples.

“Admit it, Amazon slut. You don’t want to own us, you want to serve us. Beg me. Beg me to lick my cunt. Beg to be MY slave. Beg to be milked by me, and used by me, to be displayed by me, shared with others by me, punished by me and humiliated by me just for the right to lick my sweet black pussy!” The first Kushan screamed as the second stopped fingering the Amazon’s ass, laughing as she pulled her fingers back, keeping the desperate Amazon captain at the point of orgasm, on the edge, the edge of the most complete and devastating orgasm of her life, but denying it until the Amazon stopped denying her truest desire.

Looking desperately at her Queen for guidance, she herd the crack of the whip, and saw her Queen, the Queen of all the Amazons kneeling at the feet of the conquered Kushan Queen, now laughing as the Amazon Queen, her supposed owner, submitted meekly to having her own ass whipped with her own Royal Whip, just for the chance to suck and lap at the purple perfection of the Kushan Queen’s pussy. The whipped slave she had been hearing every night for weeks was indeed the Amazon Queen, and the superior, natural conqueror, the ultimate woman, was instead Queen Asata the Kushan.

Howling in desperate desire, in a need to serve, to be owned, to be trained, to please, and to be forever submissive to the matchless Kushan women, Caliope screamed out her submission.

“Please Mistress, let this worthless Amazon lick your superior black cunt. Let me please you, serve you.” Captain Caliope begged. Two Kushan bodies pressed against her, holding her helplessly as she came, fingers in her pussy and asshole.

Looking up in awe, she saw the first black pussy of her life lower towards her face. A voice, suddenly soft and kind spoke the final truth.

“Now, Amazon slave, taste the pussy of your natural owners.” The Kushan’s laughter mixed with moans of pleasure that lasted well into the night. The proud Amazon captain learned how much pleasure she got from serving the Kushan women, how much pleasure she got from being helpless before them. Even with their stolen strength, they were not quite her equals in speed or strength, nor even in skill at arms. It did not matter though. It does not matter if the horse is stronger and faster than its rider, one is a beast that exists to serve, and one is a woman that exists to rule. Today she learned which she was. It was hers to submit, theirs to rule, and she would rather die than give that up.

Group by group, the Amazons took their turns guarding the Queen, and taking part in her legendary revels. Those Amazons that had been a part of it would only sit and stare all night at the sounds coming from the tent, touching themselves, even when their sisters were looking at them, desperate for it to be their turn again. Those who had not taken part, wondered how amazing the Kushan slave girls must be for all the proudest Amazon warriors, the greatest of the Amazon champions to be able to think of nothing but their nights with those conquered black maidens.

The secret could not be kept forever, and only half of the Amazons had been broken to their submission and slavery as milk sources and pleasure slaves to their Kushite captives before it was discovered, and a struggle broke out between those Amazons who were still free, and the ones who had been made secret slaves. The combination of enslaved Amazons and empowered Kushites overwhelmed the free Amazons, and drove them off. The few who escaped, retreated back to the old coastal holdings of the Amazons, and eventually retreated from the continent altogether, to hide on the island of Themyscria, lest the Kushite women follow and enslave the rest as milk animals and pleasure slaves. Not one of the tamed Amazons fought any less savagely in the service of their black owners than they did for the Amazon Queen herself, indeed, the Amazon Queen, stripped naked save for a slave’s collar was first in the vanguard to drive off the free Amazons. It was that more than anything that broke the will of the other Amazons to resist.

What you see in the mural, and what you hold in your hands, are the “coffle of the white cow”, the elephant tusk ivory that bound our elbows to our sides, and the stiffening rod to keep our neck high, the high bronze collar from which the chains ran to the ring pierced nipples that marked us as the livestock of the Kushan Queens, the milk cows of the Nubian warrior women. With hundreds of Amazon milk slaves, the women of the Kushites were the equal of any dozen mortal men, and the Kushite men were already stronger than the effete Egyptians of the corrupt priest ruled 24th Dynasty. They swept over Egypt like a tide and ruled from the Kushan highlands to the mouth of the Nile.

It was the Kushite men that destroyed it. First it was the Princes, who demanded to use the Amazon milk slaves, but once a man has impregnated her, she will be nothing but mortal, and her milk do no more than feed an infant. Within a generation, the Kushan men had raped all the Amazon slaves pregnant, and the Kushan women were no longer stronger than a dozen mortal men. The status of women in the tribes sank as the Kushan conquerors fell into the trap of Egyptian culture, and soon they were no different than they replaced. The age of the unconquerable Kushan Queens lasted a generation, perhaps two. The whole dynasty itself lasted no more than a century, before being swept away by the remnants of the native Egyptians who grew strong once removed from the poison weakness of palace and temple.”

Wonder Woman was blushing, her bustier the only reason the hardness of her nipples was not visible to all as she finished the story, but the constant shifting of her thighs gave away her own sex’s need to deal with the arousal this most forbidden memory had awakened in the Princess of the Amazons.

Dr Asata Kandakes ran the ivory tusk down Wonder Woman’s spine, then gave her ass a strong slap with it.

“Tell me, Princess Diana of the Amazons, would you like to demonstrate for us how this ‘coffle of the white cow’ is fitted? The fresco shows it, but to understand the reality we need to see it, in the flesh, don’t you think?” Dr Kandakes asked.

“Yes.” Whispered Wonder Woman, as she allowed the black celebrities to strip her of her bustier, shorts, and panties.

Kneeling before Asata, as her ancestor before her had, she allowed her arms to be bound at her sides, the collar to be fitted around her neck, and with at the end of chains, her proud nipples were stretched achingly to the point of failure before the harsh clamps at the chains end were affixed, and then her breasts were allowed to fall, their weight yanking on the princesses’ painfully erect nipples.

Dr Kandakes pulled her to her feet by the hair, and kissed Wonder Woman fiercely. She felt the women around her moving to grope Wonder Woman, to pinch her, slap her, spank her. She was passed around from woman to woman to kiss, until at last the good doctor yanked off a nipple clamp, and as Wonder Woman cried out in pain, Dr Asata Kandakes clamed her mouth over the Champion of All Women’s breast, and began to milk the power of the Amazons into her own middle aged and fully aroused body.

Diana felt herself burning with shame, here she was, locked into the slave coffle that her ancestors barely escaped, the bulk of her race ending their lives as nothing more than milk cows and breeding stock for their Kushan conquerors. Was she no better than her ancestors? Was this how the Defender of All Women was to end? Was she too to lose her powers when she was eventually passed to the first husband or son to use and impregnate, destroying the sacred power given her to preserve women in this most fallen world of man?

At the feet of Linda Bellows, radical CEO and UK Labour Member of Parliament she looked up into the face of a Queen who stood defiant to the powers of the nation, the crown, and the press, unwilling to give an inch as a woman, as a lesbian or as a leader. She came with a scream, and flooded Wonder Woman’s face with her blessing. Taking Wonder Woman by the hair, she pulled her head back and spat into her open mouth.

“You forget your place, dressing in imperialist rags as you prop up their failed system, the system that keeps your sisters in their place. We will educate you to do better.”

Bent over by Lori Lightwood, the black lesbian mayor of Chicago, she felt her Amazon pussy start to stretch under the punishing strap of her tormentor.

“You fight for them, you simp for them, it is a wonder that you don’t spread your legs for them too. Is that it? Are you a whore for man’s world too, or have you just lost your way, and need proper instruction?”

Wonder Woman tensed, as her hymen resisted, then yielded to the thrusting of the Chicago Mayors black strap on dildo. With a cry Wonder Woman arched her back, mouth going wide in shock as for the first time she felt a cock in her precious Amazon pussy, and it was the cock of a conquering woman. Grabbing her hair, the black mayor began to fuck the Amazon into submission.

Soon Wonder Woman was begging, was screaming. “Please fuck me, please fuck me harder Mistress!”

Audre Lord, Poet Laureate sat in front of the begging Amazon and ground her black pussy into Wonder Woman’s begging mouth. “Clearly, words are not your strength. Before you embarrass yourself, at least use that tongue for something useful.

All night long, the leaders of black feminism in the world instructed Wonder Woman as to her place and restored in her the commitment to defend the women of the world, not the governments of man’s world. She had somehow lost her vision, and under the gentle lash of her new owners, she had recalled her mission, and her duty. How had her sisters gone so far wrong as to become just another tool of man’s world?

Somehow, the chance to milk the power of the Amazons, the chance to use, abuse, and to be pleased by Wonder Woman in ways you would not dare to ask even the most desperate of prostitutes should be enough to secure for Doctor Kandakes all the funding and support her research required, and given nothing but lesbians of colour had even been invited to the gallery event, there would be no men to ruin the fun this time.

At the end of the evening, as Asata burrowed her face into her desk as a desperate Amazon rimmed her black ass for the forth time, she turned to Wonder Woman and asked her new slave the question that had been on her mind all evening.

“Princess Diana, do you think you should arrange tours for your Themyscrian embassy staff for the exhibit?

Diana shuddered and came, the vibrator in her pussy squealing in its death throws as her superior strength crushed it as she came at the thought of helping to enslave her amazon sisters.

“Yes Queen Asata!” Wonder Woman admitted, blushing in the mix of shame and desire that had ruled her all night.

Asata laughed until she had to stop and cum, the tongue of the Goddess of Truth driving her to another orgasm. Yes, of course she would love to lead her sisters to share her fate. Amazons never change.
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Re: Wonders of History ( second attempt)

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Thank you so much for writing this alternative version of an already great story. I have to admit that I love this version even more, but please do not think of the first version as a failure. It was already a great story in its own right. :thumbup:

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Re: Wonders of History ( second attempt)

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A very well-written tale full of insight, imagery and tension. It feels legendary in scope and quality. Thanks for sharing.
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