X Rated Mistakes: Goblins and the Three Fold Law MMM/F, masturbation, non-human

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X Rated Mistakes: Goblins and the Three Fold Law MMM/F, masturbation, non-human

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This is a work of fan fiction, not for profit. Madelyne Pryor and Jean Grey remain the property of Marvel Comics and their creators. The author does not encourage you to steal other peoples sex toys, summon goblins, or have sex with mythological creatures. I mean, what part of that sounds safe? This is a fantasy.

Madelyne Pryor, discarded clone of Jean Grey created by Mr Sinister to birth his “Super mutant” with Scott Summers, was not happy.

Discovering her whole life had been a lie, that she was nothing more than a place holder, a copy that existed only to breed a child to be someone else’s weapon in someone else’s war, had been hard. To be deserted by her “true love” Scott Summers/Cyclops as soon as the real Jean Grey came back from the dead left her with the truth. Nothing had been hers. Nothing.

She never loved Scott, that was programming. He never loved her. She was little more than a condom/womb to be used and discarded by both the good guys and the bad guys once her brood mare work was accomplished. The child was taken from her. Her powers were nothing but a pale and flawed copy of an original she could never match. Every memory was a lie, every dream wasn’t hers, and most were nothing more than chains forged to enslave her from within.

Only when she made her deal with Limbo, becoming the Goblin Queen, the Mother of Nightmares, the Madness Princess, did she have power of her own. Now they came to take even that from her.

She had finally told Sebastian Shaw to go futter himself. The moment she realized that she had no plans whatsoever to use the Hellfire Club once she finished her battle for power with Emma Frost, the sitting White Queen, she realized she was still playing someone else’s game, being the set piece villain so that the “real” her, Jean Grey and the rest of her dearly beloved former team mates could put on a show for humanity about how Professor X’s special needs class was here to defend humanity; Madelyne decided she was done playing.

“Dear Sebastian,
I hereby resign my position in the Hellfire Club. Honestly, as Queen of Limbo I find your limited understanding of Hell, pathetically limited aims and inexcusable choices of means to be in equal parts beneath me, and boring. I would wish you well in future, but your plans destroy themselves, so there is no point. I will not be supplying any aid to my former lover and his group of cub scouts, because honestly if they just went bowling instead of fighting you, your schemes would all still fail anyway. If you decide to sent assets after me, I will have you skinned alive and served over the course of three months to the goblins that pleased me most, so feel free to seek revenge.

Madelyne Pryor”

That smarmy little git hadn’t sent Hellfire Club assets after her. He had created some cock and bull story about her “evil scheme” (in this case, taking two weeks around Samhain/Halloween to have some serious debauchery, and taking her goblins out to put some tricks back into trick or treat). Now, buck naked under hot rocks and herbal poultices, getting a deep muscle massage from her personal troll (because you have never had a deep massage until you have been massaged by a well trained troll that can bench press a tank), while goblin’s worked on her manicure, she faced the assault of the X Men.

The first clue that there was a problem was when Colossus tossed a small Adamantium clawed bundle of anger management through the door of her bungalow to begin murdering her goblin aestheticians. Poor defenseless massage therapists, manicurists, chocolatiers, pastry chefs, and her chamber musicians were swiftly butchered by a screaming Wolverine. Springing upright, still unclad, Madelyn opened a portal to summon her bodyguard contingent even as her troll masseuse went to try to restrain the berserk Wolverine slaughtering her defenseless spa personnel, of course, that couldn’t be allowed, so the Troll found herself floating in mid air as Jean Grey, her progenitor and the reason Madelyne was never allowed nice things, used her Telekinesis to hold her masseuse helpless in mid air so drama queen ex-boyfriend, and total prat, Cyclops could use his ruby visored optic blast to murder the finest masseuse in Limbo.

“What is wrong with you people, don’t you have evil to stop, photo ops to pose for? Why are you fucking up my vacation?” Madelyne screamed as hordes of goblins met the steel form of Colossus, the adamantium claws of Wolverine and a mixture of Storms winds and Jean Greys telekinesis to toss them around and murder her little green defenders.

“We don’t know what you are planning, but we are here to put an end to it!” Jean Grey smirked at her clone, reaching out with her mind to shut down the brain of the imitation.

Madelyne was done. It was time to take what she could, in this case, what was left of her kitchen staff and the sex toys from the bedroom before bolting back to limbo. Opening a second portal to Limbo, she directed her remaining spa staff to leave as the X men happily stacked goblin bodies of her defensive troops. All that was left was to get the Goblin Wand before that little bitch took that too.

Jean Grey was having a hard time beating Madelyne Pryor’s shields. Her telepathy was a hundred times stronger than Madelyne’s but magic was a different matter, and Madelyne’s magic made reading her mind through it less like reading a book and more like catching random snatches of conversations through bad distortion.

She felt the urgency, the fear, the need to get to the Goblin Wand in Madelyne’s mind, but no context about why or what for. Jean shouted to her team. “She’s going for a wand in the next room, don’t let her get it!”

Madelyne screamed as she used her own telekinesis to blast the wall of the bungalow and charge her bed. Using her telekinesis she reached out to open the drawer, she would not let that precious little princess take the Golbin Wand as she took Scott and everything else Madelyne had ever valued. Her needs mattered little against the X-men’s self righteousness. [Bampf] Nightcrawler teleported to the nightstand, and took the green penis shaped wand in his hands before teleporting again to Jean’s side [Bampf].

Madelyne screamed “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THAT WAND YOU MAN STEALING BITCH! YOU AREN’T WOMAN ENOUGH!” Madelyn screamed as she folded dimensions to shift back into limbo.

Jean Grey held the wand, there was a weird sort of mental affinity, like it was reaching out to her, singing to her. She didn’t know much about magic, but she knew Madelyne was too dangerous to be allowed to run free. Nothing she wanted that badly was safe for her to have.

Wolverine came out of his rage and sniffed at the air, a flood of lust beginning to sweep away the last of his rage, as he turned to the wand. Jean caught the edges of his thoughts, sexual thoughts about Jean and called telepathically to Professor X. The Professor, still linked to Cerebro, hammered a telepathic compulsion to Wolverine to stop thinking about the wand and Jean. This would turn out to be a mistake, but Professor X’s ability to ignore his own mistakes is a thing of legend.

Scott struck a pose, like a comic book hero or a swimsuit model and stated the obvious.

“Madelyne has fled, and we can’t follow her to limbo. There are no signs here of any imminent threats.” Scott said, like the world could now relax, Scott has spoken.

Jean dismissed Scott’s need to assert social dominance when it was neither appropriate nor earned, and turned the wand over in her hand. “She wanted this badly, and whatever she was planning, this was key. It seems to recognize me. I think if I keep it, I might be able to read enough of what she used it for to find out her plans.”

Scott frowned. “Jean, she is the Goblin Queen. Nothing you get from her is clean or safe. Maybe you should give it to the professor.”

Frankly, she had enough of Scott’s assuming she couldn’t do her own job. She was as skilled a telepath as Professor X, even if she didn’t quite have his range or power, and she is the one with some sort of connection to the wand, not Professor X. “Thank you Scott, but I am more than capable of handling anything Madelyne could. After all, I am the real thing, and she is the imitation.”

Madelyne stomped around her throne room in Limbo. “She stole my dildo. WHO THE HELL STEALS ANOTHER WOMAN’S DILDO!”

Turning to her goblin horde, she mused. “That was the finest goblin sex magic wand I have ever created. It could give you everything from gentle nibbling, soft caresses, hungry sucking, lustful devouring, and a reasonable warm up rogering. Thanks to the three fold law, anytime I used it to make myself cum once, the wand was powered to make me cum three times. I even had it set for edging, so that I could power the wand farther by edging myself and not letting myself cum. The longer I edged, the bigger the cocks and the harder the fucking the goblins would finally give me. I HAD PLANS. Three days, I planned on edging for three days before I pulled the metaphysical trigger and got three goblins hung like donkeys who could shag for twelve hours straight.

Now prissy little Miss Jean has it. Not like she can take it. I don’t think she has a clue how to do anything but lie back and tell Scott two minutes is awesome. What a waste!

Alright boys, we will do this the old-fashioned way. Go shower and stretch. Mama has some urges to slake!”

. . . . . . .

Later that night, at Xavier’s famous institute for the gifted, Jean Grey tossed herself into bed, alone, because Scott was being a controlling douchebag and earning zero boyfriend points. Plus, he was way to needy when what Jean needed was not a boy-child that needed care and comfort but a good solid rogering. A shag. A (god I can’t even bring myself to say the word) fuck!

She loved Scott, she thought, but she was so tired of attending to his needs. Everyone’s needs. What about her needs? She was a goddamned grown woman! It wasn’t her fault she was stuck at this “school” because of he mutant powers. If she was not a mutant, she would be in college or out in the real world, not playing High Scholl games in a school for the socially awkward, and oh by the way save the world, feel free to die, there will always be more students!

She ran Madelyn Prior’s wand through her hands. Looking at it closely, the wand’s thick vein like vines were actually woven into words. Using her telekinesis to slowly rotate the wand under her lamp she read the words written on the wand.

“Goblin wand, wand of release, wand of dreams
Once for the kiss and from the tongue know bliss
Twice for the breast and two makes it best
Thrice in the hole and all three holes
Play the goblin’s price once, twice and thrice!”

Jean read the writing aloud, strangely compelled, she read it again and again as she rolled the wand in her fingers. It was thick and strangely warm to the touch, green and hard, not like metal or wood, but like, well, a cock.

Growing warm in her hands, she rolled it in her hands. Green and firm, about as long as her arm, and with that strange bulb like head. It looked almost like a goblin cock, if a little three foot goblin could support a cock a third as long as its whole body. Jean found herself running it over her pajamas, feeling her nipples grow hard under the brushing touch of the wand. What did Madelyne use this for, anyway? Can you imagine her trying to do magic with a wand that looks like a big green penis? She giggled, then brought her hands up to her face to cover her mouth in embarrassment.

When the wand came near her face, she smelled it.


It smelled like pussy. Let’s be honest, it smelled like Jean’s own hands when she got done masturbating after one of her lovemaking sessions with Scott. He meant well, but while he could fight like a young god of war with endless endurance, in bed he was more hair triggered than Wolverine’s temper and took longer between rounds than it took Xavier to get to the point. She brought the wand to her face and sniffed it again. Madelyne was her clone, so of course it smelled like Jean’s pussy, in a way, it was.

She felt it brush her cheeks, wondering what it would be like to feel a cock this side brush her face like this for real. Scott’s was not nearly as thick, or long. He would also never dare ask for THAT. I mean, she knew he thought about it, but he also thought any girl that would give a blow job was a whore, and his perfect Jean was FAR too perfect ever to want to feel a big hard cock in her mouth. Would never dream of taking a man to the brink again and again, until she could feel his mind shatter and blast his seed into her mouth, or onto her perfect princess face!

Letting her fingers slip into her pajama top, she began to caress her breasts, circling her nipples, just grazing them, denying herself as long as she could. Jean thought about Madelyne, Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, I bet she sucked a lot of cock. I bet she took it balls deep in her tight ginger pussy, and even in her tight muscled ass. A tight ginger pussy the exact same as mine, a tight muscled ass exactly the same as mine. Did she suck all the Hellfire club inner council? Did she suck her goblins?

Jean began to moan thinking about it. The wand was magic, and interacting oddly with her telepathy, its purpose, its history, its needs, and the needs of its previous user were slowly bleeding into Jean until she could no longer tell where Madelyne’s desires and her own began and ended.

She had a wicked thought. I bet it tasted like Madelyne’s pussy. It isn’t lesbian, she is a clone. It isn’t incest, its just masturbation, right?

Jean kissed the wand, the gentle tentative kiss of a blushing school girl. As her lips brushed the goblin wand, she felt other ghostly lips kiss her sweet ginger mons.

“Goblin wand, wand of release, wand of dreams
Once for the kiss and from the tongue know bliss”

The words of the spell ran through Jean’s mind even as her body arched up in burning need to feel those ghostly lips on her increasingly aroused body.

Driven by the half seen images in her mind, she ran her tongue around the head of the cock like goblin wand and felt a long goblin tongue trace her labia with a depraved inhuman hunger.

Her telekinesis lashed out and her pajama bottoms hit the back wall as Jean spread her legs as the ghostly image of a goblin head seemed to form between her legs. Following the strange urgings of her visions as she saw memories of Madelyne taking this wand into her mouth like a cock, Jean took it’s head into her mouth. It was thick, way thicker than Scott, and as her tongue worked around the head and down the shaft, she tasted Madelyne Pryor, tasted her pussy, tasted her cum. Working the shaft into her mouth, she began to make love to the wand with her mouth, wishing she was Madelyne for the night and able to suck a cock like the depraved whore she desired to be.

As the goblin wand began to work into her mouth, the goblin tongue began to tongue fuck the young mutant. The telepathy that made lovemaking with Scott so awkward, as he constantly saw her as a virgin/mother even when he was driving his cock into her was totally different with the goblin ghost the wand called up. All he saw was fuckmeat, all he saw was a woman to be ravaged, to be taken and tamed, to be used and broken. As she rammed the wand down her own throat until she gagged, she felt the goblin ghost take her clit in its teeth and use its tongue to flick her captured clit against its teeth, sending her into a howling, squirting orgasm.

Rising from the bed in a telekinetic frenzy, Jean hung in mid air, squirting and writhing in ecstasy that would not relent as long as she sucked the wand.

Tearing it from her mouth. Jean shook in shock as she lowered herself to the bed. She had never cum like that in her life, and yet she knew Madelyne came like that all the time, with this wand. The slut. The bitch. What right did her clone, a cheap knock off without half her telepathic power, what right did she have to be that sexually fulfilled while Jean was trapped in Xaviers School for Untalented Lovers?

Jean wondered if the rumours of Hellfire club orgies were true. I bet they were. That slut Madelyne didn’t even wear a bra, showing off her tits. All the X men looked. Those were Jeans tits. It was like Madelyne was showing off Jean’s tits just to spite her. Jean wished she dared. Wondered what it would be like to be the center of one of those Hellfire club orgies. Wondered if Madelyne had ever been the centerpiece, naked and bound for all the club to enjoy. Her tits out and toyed with by every man or woman there. Tits just like Jeans. Tits like these here. She ran the wand over her breasts, used her elbows to push them together then thrust it between. The image of a hard goblin cock thrusting between her breasts, dirty green eyes staring down at her, thick goblin cock thrusting, thrusting, thrusting!

“Twice for the breast and two makes it best” The words from the spell fell from Jean’s lips, and she felt two ghostly goblin heads appear at her breasts, ghostly goblin hands cupping, kneading, caressing as goblin lips and long slippery goblin tongues teased and nibbled.

Jean writhed in soundless, breathless, thoughtless agony as the goblins worked her tits over. First soft, then hard, then cruelly as they used the pain to keep her edging, every edging, building towards a higher and higher orgasm, but never letting her have it. She howled like a bitch in heat, she begged, she pleaded, but the goblins laughed and sucked, laughed and chewed, and being only ghosts, even her telekinesis could not grab them and force them to bite just a little harder, suck just a little longer to let her cum. Finally, unable to take it anymore, she took the wand and after three shaking hand failures, finally used her telekinesis to jam that glorious goblin cock wand into her pussy.

“Thrice in the hole and all three holes
Play the goblin’s price once, twice and thrice!”

She screamed out the spell as the goblin wand swelled in her pussy, growing and extending into the greatest goblin she had every seen, cruel faced and hungry, he pulled Jean’s legs up and spread them, before beginning to hammer his cock into her. With each stroke, the goblin’s on her breasts grew more solid, more real, until there were three goblins groping, biting, pinching and fucking her. Soon one goblin was kissing her, thrusting into her mouth with his tongue as the other twisted one nipple and sucked on the other. The third goblin hammered his foot long green bitch tamer into the mutant mental powerhouse, and shattered her mind with an orgasm no human could deliver. As she opened her mouth in mindless adoration, the second goblin rammed his cock into it. Jean found herself sucking the real thing, a goblin cock, with a hunger even her most fevered dreams never hinted at.

Cupping heavy green balls that hung down almost to the bandy legged things knees, Jean found herself licking and sucking the heavy green goblin balls as he cock whipped her face, as she felt the goblin cock in her pussy suddenly swell like someone was forcing a baseball through a straw, and a hot explosion of goblin cum flooded her pussy.

Flipping her unceremoniously on her hands and knees, the goblin who had been playing with her tits now dove his long nose and longer tongue between her firm virgin ass cheeks, and began to probe the little redheads rosebud with his long goblin tongue, tossing her salad in preparation for rearranging her insides with his Goblin Gutbuster. Jean was awash in feelings she could not understand, degraded, defiled, debased and her every nerve alive in pleasure beyond her sheltered mind’s understanding, she was hungrily sucking the long goblin cock that was face raping her, cupping her right hand around its heavy balls, as she braced herself on the bed with the left, she could feel the rising pleasure in the goblin as he was ready to cum down her throat. The sensation of a tongue in her ass, and a cock about to nut in her throat drove her over the edge, and she came again in a shuddering whimper.

The goblin who was rimming her laughed, and lined up his cock to take the Phoenix poop chute with his Goblin Gutbuster. As he strove to push his thick goblin cock head past her virgin asshole, the goblin in Jean’s mouth came with a roar, almost choking the magnificent mutant with his hellish seed. She found herself struggling to breathe, but desperate to swallow, to lap up the precious sin of her dark desire. Goblin cum.

She froze, her entire body shaking as the goblin cock pushed into her puckered promise of delight, and her anal ring parted for the green goblin gutbuster. Working slowly, he began to feed his cock into the most powerful female psychic in the world, breaking her mind with his long green cock as he fucked her into mindlessness with each further inch.

Laughing happily, the second goblin worked his way underneath Jean, and soon she felt a mouth close upon her dangling nipples, first lips, then tongue, then teeth. A hard green cock pushed into her well fucked slut hole, and she felt the strange feeling of a tiny scrap of fuck meat separating two different goblin cocks, one defiling her ass, the other her pussy. The built into a rhythm, pounding her with abandon, like so many rutting dogs or stallions, leaving her as nothing more than a piece of fuck meat to be used and discarded. Jean came again, howling wordlessly.

The third goblin grabbed her hair, and backed his ass towards the eighteen year olds sweating face. Forcing his ass to her mouth, he yanked on her hair until she was driving her tongue into his ass with the same mindless fury his cousins were fucking her pussy and ass. The goblin in her ass came first, screaming, clawing her ass with his sharp nails as he pumped load after load into her bowels. The grunting goblin beneath her felt Jean beginning to cum again, and as she clamped hard on her like an Olympian doing kegals, he felt her superheroine pussy milking his goblin cock with superhuman need. He arched his back, yanking hard on the nipple he was sucking, and shot his potent baby makers into the unprotected girl’s pussy.

No longer able to take the amazing deep tongue fucking his ass was getting from the blushing girl, the last goblin pulled her face from his ass, and turned to jack his green cock off until he exploded all over Jean Grey’s perfect face and tits.

Jean collapsed to the her cum covered bed, as each goblin took her long lustrous red hair and used it to wipe their cocks clean. Dipping their fingers in the mixed cum of goblin and slut, they began to draw a circle on the floor, until it burst into black radiant flame and Madelyne Pryor stood before her missing goblins.

“How did you get free? Wait, that little slut!” Madelyne looked at the cum covered Jean Grey, unconscious and with cum leaking from her cunt and ass, her face and breast covered in more goblin cum, her body covered in scratches and bites, hard spanking marks from the pint sized perverts.

“She stole my dildo, and she seduced MY GOBLINS? I mean, who does that? Did the little slut fuck my precious out? Do you have enough left to fuck mommy? Mommy was looking forward to a really good fuck, but SOMEBODY STOLE MY MAGIC GOBLIN DILDO!” Madelyne glared at the unconscious teen, her asshole pulsing as it tried to resize itself from yawning abyss, to tight pucker after its deep violation.

A goblin hand reached up Madelyn’s skirt and pinched her ass. Madelyne slapped the goblin, then grinned.

“Okay, not totally fucked out. Still, you cheated on me with my clone sister. Or clone mother. Either way it’s a little creepy. You had best shag me twice as hard to make it up to me!” Madelyne said as she chanted softly, causing the three goblins to merge back into the wand. She stepped through her portal back to limbo just as Jean emerged from her daze to see her. Madelyne was sniffing the green magic wand, and her pink tongue was tasting the cum of Jean Grey, even as mere hour ago, Jean had tasted Madelyne’s cum on the same wand.

The portal closed, and Jean sat in her cum filled bed, too tired to do anything but collapse and sleep. Whimpering, her fingers found their way to her abused sex. As she drifted off to sleep, she knew she would be dreaming of goblins, and maybe even her clone sister.
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Re: X Rated Mistakes: Goblins and the Three Fold Law MMM/F, masturbation, non-human

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Read this and you'll never sleep peacefully again..., but you'll always wake up with a smile on your face.

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