Superfox - a "sweating day"

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During one of her missions, working for Mao Ping's organization, Superfox falls prisoner and asked to reveal important informations to her enemies. As she denies, she is tied spreadeagle and completely naked over an abandoned dam, exposed to an intense sun tanning. Her enemies tell her that after 2 hours they will return to see if she changed her mind. The temperature is very hot. After 10 minutes her body is shimmering, covered in sweat from the great heat. No one can watch her sexy struggling and hear her sweet moans. Then it comes to her mind that, if she will not be able to untie herself quickly, maybe some little crawling or flying creatures could be attracted by her wet body. Tied in this way she would also endure some molesting tickling....This will not happen to her because, fortunately for her, after about half an hour, as one of her wrists is tied in a bad way, she is able to break free! So she can run away. When the captors will return they will only find the bonds that had taken Superfox staked to the floor completely naked......clip available on Clips4sale, studio name "smwife"
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