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"Only feet tickling" - Superfox and Mao Ping's fifth weekly session
The secret organization leaded by Mao Ping has engaged to work for him the secret agent Superfox, a blonde attractive milf skilled in thefts and spying. Mao Ping is a dirty, filthy, pervert, sadist old man. His agreement with Superfox provides that, if she wants to work for him, when he desires, but not much more than one time each week and for not more of 15 minutes each time, she must satisfy his lustful perverted desires. Once more Superfox must to meet Mao Ping in his "games room". He says to her that this time only her feet will be tickled! Superfox must strip herself completely naked and let him to tie her to the bed, with only her high heels shoes on. First of all Mao Ping enjoys the pleasure of removing the shoes to have her feet at his mercy, bound together and naked. Then he begins to tickle.....with his fingers, with a feather. And then the baby oil to make the feet more sensitive at his touches. During the tickling Superfox moans and laughs in despair. Mao Ping feeds his lust hearing her screams and watching at the beautiful blonde milf body struggle and twist in her bonds. A great humiliation for Superfox and a great lustful satisfaction for Mao Ping!
Clip available on Clips4sale, studio name "smwife"
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