Terra Mizu as Black Bat in "You Snooze, You Lose!" from Sleepy Superheroines

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Terra Mizu as Black Bat in "You Snooze, You Lose!" from Sleepy Superheroines

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Black Bat faces off against the nefarious Trickster once more. Our heroine bravely infiltrates his hidden lair, only to find herself ambushed by the villain’s array of dangerous devices and lethal tactics. Trickster wastes no time in attacking Black Bat, utilizing every weapon at his disposal to render her defenseless. He begins by injecting her with a potent tranquilizer, rendering her submissive to his whims. Next, he employs an arsenal of debilitating tools, ranging from a blackjack to chloroform, to ensure Black Bat remains immobile and obedient. And finally, he affixes a high-tech restraint to her wrist, allowing him to “freeze” her with a mere vocal command. But even though Black Bat is under Trickster’s complete control, she still manages to fight back. She struggles against the device and tries to break free from his grasp, but it seems like nothing can stop the villain’s evil plans. Will Black Bat be able to overcome Trickster’s schemes and escape his clutches? Only time will tell in this thrilling adventure!

This video features male/female fighting, multiple chloroform KOs, multiple injection KOs, multiple blackjack KOs, tranquilizer KO, sleeping gas KO, over-the-shoulder carry, butt spankings, ragdolling, unmaskings, and limp play.

Available now/Watch Trailer: https://sleepysuperheroines.com/black-b ... you-loose/

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