"Superfox -The long row orgasms night"

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"Superfox -The long row orgasms night"

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During another secret mission, Superfox, a curvy milf blonde superheroine is captured again by the pervert "Serial Climaxer". This kinky character loves to watch at female orgasms. So his prisoners must endure several orgasms before to be released without any harm. The Serial Climaxer bounds Superfox standing, arms over head, to the ceiling of his bedroom. He slowly strips her completely naked and then.....then for the Climaxer begins the "fun". Superfox feels like she has an octopus wrapped around her naked body. Every inch of her body is touched, caressed, explored. A lustful mouth kisses, licks, sucks her like a hungry bloodsucker. She must feel a pleasuring tongue licking her cheeks, neck, breasts, belly, pussy, asshole! Then her body is oiled up for an erotic massage. Superfox can't resist to this refined treatment, she feels so turned on.....she starts to have orgasms, one, two, three, one after the other.... The Serial Climaxer enjoys every single struggling, twisting, moaning and cumming of his beautiful curvy naked prey. How many orgasms will Superfox must show to his lustful host before he will be fully satisfied and set her free?
Clip available at Clips4sale, studio name "smwife"
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