Supergirl Surrenders with Zoey Chanel

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Super Zoey finally has the evil Richard Rich trapped in his lair with nowhere to go! Confident in her skills, Super Zoey started beating him down and makes his day that much more unpleasant! Using her superpowers, Super Zoey has Richard pinned down on the floor and completely cornered! Unfortunately for her, Richard has several tools in his secret compartment should he ever run into any kind of superhero trouble. As he begs for Super Zoey to stop beating him up, he reaches inside and grabs a mesmerizing wand that he waves in front of Super Zoey and gets her attention to focus squarely on its purple magnetizing movements!

With Super Zoey completely mesmerized by the magic wand, Richard has Super Zoey start doing things under his command! He first has her remove her Super Outfit and strip down completely to her thong! Completely unaware of what kind of control she is under, Super Zoey does several things such as making out, being felt up, performing a lap dance, and several other sexy things!

Completely satisfied with how well his magic wand has transformed this once powerful superheroine into his personal sex mistress, Richard takes her hand and together they set out to more sexy adventures hand in hand, leaving the superheroine suit that made her dominant behind in the corner, never to be worn again

This clip runs 14 minutes long and contains superheroine, power drain, magical wands, surrendering, stripping, and magic control. The 1080hd format can be found in POWER AND PERIL under the SUPERHEROINE Category:


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