Xena: Tara and Gabrielle - Forgiven with a Tw(F)ist

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Xena: Tara and Gabrielle - Forgiven with a Tw(F)ist

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Tara and Gabrielle - Forgiven With a Tw(F)ist

by Vega Taxeca

This story contains very graphic sex scenes between women, bordering on being non-consensical.

I do not own Xena – the Warrior Princess, or any of its characters or storylines. It belongs to Renaissance Pictures, Studio USA, Universal Studios and/or related companies. But I do not make any money with this story anyway, so I hope it is okay. No copyright infringement is intended.

This story contains spoilers for several Xena episodes, up to and including the season three episode “Forgiven”. If you have never watched Xena, a lot of the characters and character background might seem puzzling. But who knows, maybe the two main “scenes” could still be worth the read.

The story contains one flashback, which starts and ends with a line of seven *******.

Gabrielle downed her ale and gestured to the barmaid for another, her third one today. She needed something stronger than her usual cider, as she felt very frustrated. Xena had left her this morning for a solo mission, but for once that was not the problem. Before she left, there was even time for a bit of nice, sweet lovemaking. Nice, sweet, fucking vanilla lovemaking, that is, almost too boring to call it sex. Ever since she met Xena, Gabrielle wanted them to be together. She knew there would be problems, but never in her dreams would she have guessed that sex with the Warrior Princess could be one of them. Actually, from her point of view, no longer just “one” problem, but “the” problem.

Gabrielle wanted sex to be wild, hard and fast. She craved to be taken forcefully. But Xena was always only sweet and tender and oh so soft. The most frustrating aspect was, Gabrielle was convinced Xena prefered hard sex as well (she had heard enough stories of the old Warrior Princess), but seemed completely incapable of believing that Gabrielle did as well. With her stubbornness, the Warrior Princess was denying both of them what they really wanted. They had started their relationship shortly after Perdicas’ death. In the beginning, Gabrielle was so happy it was enough. But after a while, she wanted more and coaxed Xena to go a little further. In little steps – very little steps, Xena had the bard on some kind of pedestal – she had managed to make some progress. Their nights became wilder and she spotted some glimpses of the real Warrior Princess in her bed. But then desaster struck: Hope, Solan, their fight and finally Illusia. Amazingly enough, they had managed to close most of the rift. But now Xena was completely incapable of showing any aggression towards her bard. After the way she had treated Gabrielle, even a little scratch on her bard was enough to make Xena feel guilty.

And so, Gabrielle was now mostly unblemished, but unfortunately very frustrated. The bard had even considered to try it the other way around, with her as the aggressor in bed. But that seemed wrong as well. Her craving was not to take somebody, she wanted to be taken herself. And with force and confidence. Wistfully, she remembered the one time her wish had been fulfilled. It was a mindblowing and at the same time eye-opening experience. And it also was kind of ironic, considering how she did not have the best sex of her life with her soulmate, Xena, but with – and she shuddered at the thought – Velasca, her later nemesis.


It was that night in Amazonia, while Xena was dead and Gabrielle had to make a decision about Melosa’s successor as queen of the amazons. She was in her room, much too agitated to sleep and still contemplating the decision. On the one hand, her friend Ephiny had warned her about Velasca. And the bard agreed mostly, she seemed to be too aggressive, too powerhungry. On the other hand, Gabrielle felt somehow drawn to Velasca, her forcefulness, passion, and strength. At the time, she did not really understand where this feeling had come from. She only thought the amazon would remind her of Xena, having a similar confidence and strong personality. And somewhere in her mind, almost in her subconscious, she was sure Velasca would be so passionate and forceful in every regard.

Suddenly the door was opened without knocking and someone entered her hut. It was Velasca, in her full amazon outfit. Gabrielle opened her mouth, but one look from Velasca was enough to keep her quiet. If the bard had considered her powerful before, this was now multiplied tenfold. Velasca looked at her silently for almost a minute. Then she opened her mouth and her only word was a command.


Without hesitation Gabrielle did as she was told and shed all her clothes. After more than a year of walking beside Xena, she had great legs and abs of steel. Velasca was taking in her body with obvious appraisal, which filled Gabrielle with satisfaction. She knew deep down that she wanted, almost needed to have Velasca’s approval.

Another command.


Again, the bard obeyed without a second thought and knelt before Velasca. And again, Velasca just looked at her for a moment. Then, without saying a word, she pulled up her amazon skirt. To Gabrielle’s surprise, she did not reveal any breeches, but instead some kind of leather harness, strapped around her naked thighs and hips. This harness proudly held a phallus-like object, about 7 inches long and obviously made of polished wood. The bard had visited the amazons often enough to know what it was used for. Arousal spread through her body with this realisation. For a second, she thought of Xena and felt guilty, but then she suppressed it. This was the amazon way: Celebrating death by celebrating life.

Gabrielle did not need a prompt to understand her next task. She bent forward and kissed the tip of the phallus reverently. Then she started to lick around it and coat it with her saliva. At the same time, she kept her eyes trained on Velasca’s face. At last, the amazon made a move and pushed the phallus between Gabrielle’s lips. The bard tried to take as much as she could, but she was not used to it and had to gag. This did not stop Velasca, she just pushed a little bit further. Only at the last moment she pulled back. At the time, Gabrielle was surprised how turned on she was by this sign of Velasca’s dominance. But slowly she started to realise how much she loved to submit to it.

“Bed!” was Velasca’s next command.

Instinctively, Gabrielle understood that she should not just simply lie down on the bed. She had to show her total submission. She went down on all four on the bed, with the head pressed down and her ass high in the air. Moments later she felt Velasca behind her. When the tip of the phallus touched her nether lips, wetness began to drip from her pussy. But then – nothing. Velasca just waited motionless and Gabrielle’s arousal increased. At last, she felt Velasca grip her hair with one hand. Next, she tensed and pushed forward with all her might. And the amazon was so strong she drove the phallus in to the hilt. Gabrielle almost came then and there from the fullness in her pussy. Velasca pulled slightly back and soon found a rhythm. Hard and fast, she fucked Gabrielle from behind. It did not take long and the bard climaxed powerfully. But this did not stop Velasca. With incredible strength she kept up her rhythm and brought Gabrielle to two further, even stronger orgasms.

At last, the amazon pulled her phallus out of Gabrielle’s pussy. With strong arms, she lifted the bard and put her down on her back.


With this command, Velasca knelt down above Gabrielle and entered her pussy again. Soon she had started another forceful rhythm, even faster and harder than before. Even without the command, Gabrielle’s look probably would have been glued on Velasca’s face. She knew perfectly what this was about. The amazon wanted this picture to be burned into her memory and for the bard to understand exactly, who was fucking her here into submission. And Gabrielle surrendered completely. With her last ounce of strength, she tried to meet Velasca’s thrusts with her own. Unbelievably she felt her arousal rise again, further and further, even higher than before. When the climax finally overtook her, it seemed earth-shattering. Never before or after had she had an orgasm as strong as this one.

Again, this did not stop Velasca. Although Gabrielle was by now almost too exhausted to move and even less to answer Velasca’s thrusts, the amazon just kept hammering into her body. But even this excited Gabrielle. Velasca was showing her how much stronger she was than Gabrielle. And if the bard was too weak to respond, it was of no consequence. The amazon made the decisions, Gabrielle’s body was hers to use as she wished. Though the bard was not strong enough to move any longer, this did not stop her body from climaxing again. Three more orgasms crashed over her like waves. After the last one, she even blacked out for a moment.

Only then did Velasca stop her relentless pumping and withdrew. She opened some straps and removed the harness. Then she moved forward, so that her pussy was directly above Gabrielle’s face. But she did not bother to make the bard lick her pussy. She was well aware that Gabrielle would not have been able to do it at this point. Instead Velasca simply used Gabrielle’s face as a fuckpad. She rubbed her pussy all over it till she climaxed. Then she rubbed it up and down the face once more, to coat every last inch with her pussy juices. Despite her weakness at that moment, to this day Gabrielle remembered exactly the smell and taste of Velasca’s pussy. She considered it one of her fondest memories.

In the end, Velasca stood up. She picked up the harness and licked the phallus.

“Nice.” It was her only word that night, which was not a command.

Afterwards she cleaned the phallus with Gabrielle’s hair. Even that was another turn on for the bard, since it showed again Velasca’s complete dominance and disrespect for Gabrielle. With one last look, Velasca left the hut. The bard understood this look very well. It said, “I own you”. And in that night, it was true. If it had not been for Autolycus and Xena’s spirit to turn up, Gabrielle would have succumbed to Velasca. And probably become her willing bitch afterwards, being not much more than her sex toy.


Back in the present, Gabrielle became uncomfortable with how appealing that thought seemed. Just the memory of that night had made her extremely hot. With great embarrassment the bard realised she had moved her right hand between her legs and started masturbating. In a public tavern! She quickly turned around, to check if anybody had watched her. Thank the gods, the tavern was still pretty empty. Only when she turned the other direction, she saw a new customer. A girl, with long dark hair, probably slightly younger than herself, but she was looking directly at the bard, with a smirk on her face. Gabrielle blushed.

The girl got up with the mug in her hand and sauntered over.

Suddenly she said “Slut!” and emptied the mug over Gabrielle. She followed the insult with two stinging slaps to Gabrielle’s face. The bard was too shocked to react for a second. The girl used this advantage and took Gabrielle’s left breast in a very painful, almost vice-like grip. Then she pulled and ripped off Gabrielle’s top with one move. At last, the bard managed to react and jumped to her feet. She was a little tipsy from the ale, as she was not used to it. But over the years she had become a seasoned fighter and was confident she could still take on this young girl easily. What she did not account for was the explosive and completely unbridled aggression of her opponent.

Without any hesitation she jumped at Gabrielle and hammered her fist brutally in her belly. The punch was so powerful, it made the bard bend over. Which brought her perfectly in position for the girl to follow the punch with a knee in Gabrielle’s face. The bard was thrown back and went down. She had just scrambled back on all four, when a brutal kick to her left side took her breath away. Gabrielle tried to shield her throbbing side with one arm and get up as quickly as possible. But she had not noticed the girl shifting her position slightly. And so the heavy boot hit her again unprepared. This time the kick came from behind and was perfectly timed to hit her between her legs, exactly in her most vulnerable spot, her pussy. The pain was excruciating, she could not swallow a loud cry. None of her former opponents, not even Callisto, had attacked her so viciously.

Another kick to her side had Gabrielle reeling, now slowly losing part of her former confidence. While she tried to recover, the girl gripped her hair and pulled her up forcefully. A quick succession of slaps and powerful backhands threw her back against a table. The girl pushed her further backwards, so that the bard was lying on the table, and then was onto her again immediately. With another vice-like grip, this time her right breast, the girl held Gabrielle down. The nipple was painfully twisted. With her right hand, the girl pushed Gabrielle’s flailing legs aside and repeatedly punched full force into her already abused pussy. Then with one sudden move she ripped away Gabrielle’s breeches.

Even though Gabrielle was now almost overwhelmed with pain, in her face, her side, her breast and her pussy, from within a completely different kind of feeling began to arise. The way especially her breasts and pussy were targeted, the way she was exposed, and just the sheer force of her opponent – her brutal, but nonetheless very pretty opponent – gave her thrills. Though probably only her subconscious identified it as arousal yet. But the next move of the girl made it much more obvious. She had started to push two fingers into Gabrielle’s vagina. Completely disregarding Gabrielle’s pain, she forced them in relentlessly. Once she was in as deep as possible, she started a pumping motion and a groan escaped Gabrielle’s lips.

Now the girl fucked her in earnest. The longer this went on, the more the arousal was overriding Gabrielle’s pain and the groaning became a moaning. This changed when the girl added a third finger. But soon the arousal was the strongest emotion again. The bard now felt herself getting wetter and wetter and the juices running down her legs. Suddenly the girl added a fourth finger and Gabrielle felt herself stretched further than ever since she gave birth to Hope. Though that had not felt so fucking arousing. The bard now had only one thought left, she wanted that orgasm. She did not care that she was completely at the mercy of this girl, a stranger she had never met before. Nothing mattered, as long as she kept fucking her. And as hard as possible, please!

The girl pulled back her hand again and suddenly Gabrielle realised where this was headed. She wanted to enter the bard with her whole hand and fist her. The last of her self-control left Gabrielle and she started to shout.

“Oh yes, by the gods, please, take me!”

The bard stretched her legs as wide apart as possible. This gave the girl a better angle, and with a brutal shove she pushed her fist into Gabrielle. Without delay, she started to pump it back and forth. Gabrielle shouted again.

“Harder, faster! Please! Hammer me with your fist!”

“Oh yeah, I will. And once you come, you are mine!” The girl spat out.

Incredibly, she did manage to pump even harder. Every time her fist hit Gabrielle’s cervix brutally, a shudder ran through the bard’s body.

“Yes, I am yours, I am yours! I am your complete bitch!”

The girl continued ramming her fist into Gabrielle with full force. Suddenly the bard could hold back no longer.

“YEEEESSS! I’m coming!”

The most powerful climax ever washed through Gabrielle. Even Velasca’s did not compare. And Gabrielle’s climax did not stop the girl just yet. She continued hammering her fist into the bard, achieving two more orgasms. Only then did she slow down and start to remove her fist. Even that was enough for two more orgasms to ripple through Gabrielle’s body. Finally, the fist popped from between Gabrielle’s pussy lips. The girl held her hand above Gabrielle’s face and ordered her to clean it. Without hesitation the bard complied and started licking and sucking on her fingers. This girl had just raped her, brutally, in a public tavern! And Gabrielle obeyed her every command, secretly already hoping for a repeat performance. Her orgasms were the only things that mattered at this moment.

After a while, the bard was recovered enough to speak.

“Who are you? And will I see you again?”

The girl smirked. The obvious wistfulness did not escape her. She knew Gabrielle was hers now.

“Well, Gabrielle, wasn’t that a nice start to our relationship? My name’s Tara, by the way.”

“You know me?” the bard asked.

“Of course, I have heard of the Warrior Princess and her bard. I had wanted to meet the famous Warrior Princess for some time now. But I think I have just changed my priorities. For the time being, I want to get to know the bard even more intimately. You seem quite receptive for my kind of intimacy, if you get my drift.”

Gabrielle blushed deeply, but nodded.

“Great. I’ve got another fist after all, and you have some more body holes I might want to explore. Lots of possible combinations. I just love it when I make them scream from pain, but they cream their panties nevertheless.”

Gabrielle cringed, but at the same time felt herself getting wet again.

Later that night Xena returned from her mission. She was instantly alarmed when she saw the bruises in Gabrielle’s face. But the bard calmed her down.

She introduced Tara and said: “Yes, I got into a tough fight today. But Tara here put an end to it. She won the fight. She actually would love to travel with us for a while. Is that okay?”

Not exactly the truth, but at least she had avoided any direct lies.

Xena nodded. “Of course. Thank you, Tara. You seem quite young for an experienced fighter, though.”

Tara smirked. “What can I say? If it’s about a tight spot, I do know how to use my fist.”

Xena just nodded in acceptance.

Luckily for Gabrielle, she did not look in her direction. She might have wondered, why the bard was blushing. But this did not stop Gabrielle from making plans secretly. She really needed to find more reasons for Xena to go on solo missions. And maybe make her leave her whip behind. Tara would surely know how to use it.

The end

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