Xena: The Prodigal's Return

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Xena: The Prodigal's Return

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The Prodigal’s Return
By Vega Taxeca

This story does contain extremely graphic descriptions of nc sex between women.

I do not own Xena - the Warrior Princess, or any of its characters or storylines. It belongs to Renaissance Pictures, Studio USA, Universal Studios and/or related companies. But I do not make any money with this story anyway, so I hope it is okay. No copyright infringement is intended.

Callisto once mentioned how she had watched Xena over a long time. So, what if she had been around to meet Gabrielle at the end of the season one episode “The Prodigal”, before Xena could arrive. This is a very dark story. The start might seem a bit abrupt, if you have not seen the episode.

Pride welled up in Gabrielle. She had just managed to vault over the cart with logs and avoided to be maimed by it. Suddenly she remembered the rest of the thugs. But just as she whirled around, she heard a war cry and the sounds of fighting. A female warrior had come to her rescue and attacked the whole group of thugs at once. The bard could see long blond hair and a dark leather-armour, which revealed quite a lot of her toned, slender body. The woman fought ferociously. Before Gabrielle could help her, she had killed all her opponents with quick, brutal sword strikes. The bard could not really fault her for it, they were criminals, but decided to maybe later question her about it. With her skill, she surely could have caught at least some of them alive.

The warrior turned to her.

“Hi, Gabrielle. Everything okay?”

Gabrielle could now see a beautiful, elven-like face and brown eyes. Though she thought she detected a cruel streak in them.

“Yes, thank you. Do I know you?”

“No, not yet. But I have watched you for a while and just decided to give you a lesson, when I saw what happened. So, I intervened to keep these idiots from messing things up.”

Warmth welled up in Gabrielle. Obviously, Xena had sent this fighter to check up on her. She was happy that the Warrior Princess still cared so much for her. But she could not hide her curiosity.

“I am glad you did. But what kind of lesson do you mean.”

“In a moment. Maybe I could show you some moves first. Try to block my attacks with your staff.”

The bard nodded eagerly her okay. The warrior waited till Gabrielle had taken up a defensive stance. Then she started to strike at her from different angles. At first these strikes were not at the full force she had shown capable of before. But then they rained down faster and faster and also harder and harder. Gabrielle started sweating, she was almost out of breath now and knew she could not cope much longer.

“Stop, please. I am beaten,” she managed to cry out panting.

“I see,” the other woman said and with one brutal strike swiped the staff from Gabrielle’s hands.

The woman winked at Gabrielle and sheathed her sword. Then she picked up the staff.

“So, you say you couldn’t defend yourself any longer?” The warrior asked Gabrielle when she faced her again.

“No, I am completely exhausted.” Gabrielle answered, still out of breath.

“Too bad for you,” the woman said with an evil smile.

Then she used the staff for a legswipe, which brought the bard down hard. Gabrielle looked up in horror, as she saw the warrior pick up the staff in both hands and then break it apart over her knee. One piece she just dropped over her shoulder.

“But, why ...?”

Gabrielle could not complete her question, since the powerful woman suddenly attacked her ferociously with the other half of the staff. Blow after blow rained down on Gabrielle, hitting her everywhere. She hurt all over, especially her thighs, back and arms. In the end she only tried to roll up in a small ball and shield at least her vital organs from as many hits as possible. The excruciating pain made her whimper. The cruel warrior now knelt next to her. With brutal efficiency she pushed her legs apart, then she tore the breeches off. In her weakened state it took a moment for Gabrielle to realise what was happening. Suddenly she felt one end of the staff push into her vagina. The warrior wanted to rape her!

“No, I am still a virgin!” The bard cried out in shock.

“Not much longer you are.” The brutal rapist laughed maniacally at her own cruel joke.

Gabrielle tried a last feeble defence, but she was really beaten and could not avoid her fate. If she had thought she had hurt before, this was now suddenly increased ten-fold. Without mercy the staff was pushed into her pussy, until it was buried ten inch deep inside her. Every inch felt like a year in Tartaros to Gabrielle. Drops of blood ran down her leg. For a moment, her rapist seemed to contemplate to push it even further, but then started to pull it out slowly. Though this meant no reprieve for Gabrielle. The warrior pulled only a few inches, then pushed again, pulled, pushed, and soon created a rhythm to fuck the bard. After a while she increased the speed of her powerful pumping motions. At last, the pain was too much for Gabrielle and she blacked out.

The bard only woke from her oblivion, when she felt wetness on her face. She opened her eyes slowly, still in a daze, and it took a moment for her to realise that she looked up into the naked crotch of the other woman. She stood above her with spread legs, the feet left and right from Gabrielle’s head, and was pissing on her face. Disgusted the bard turned her head to the side. The acrid taste on her tongue told her that some of the piss had already run into her mouth.

“Wakey, wakey. No sleeping, before I am finished with you.”

The woman laughed cruelly, while looking down at her. Gabrielle was praying to all the gods now to help her. She was still too weak to crawl aside, much less to flee from this crazy woman. All she could do was keeping her head turned aside and the mouth and eyes closed tightly, till the humiliation was over. Finally, the last drops of piss fell and this ordeal stopped. But the bard did not get even a short breather. The warrior moved immediately down again between her legs and started anew to rape her. This went on for several hours. When her pussy was bleeding too much, the warrior turned her around and fucked her asshole instead. This of course brought new heights of pain; followed by new heights of humiliation, since the warrior forced her to lick the staff clean afterwards.

“Hygiene! We can’t put a dirty staff in your pussy, now, can we?” The madwoman again laughed maniacally at her mean joke.

The cycle started again with Gabrielle’s pussy being fucked. After a while she lost count how many times each body part had been penetrated. Her only reactions left were a quiet sobbing and a pained whimper, when an especially tender nerve-ending was hit. Finally, the constant battering stopped and the woman stood up. She dropped her piece of the staff and was about to leave, but then turned around once more and looked at the bloodied body of the barely conscious bard. Nothing was left of the pride Gabrielle had felt just seconds before she met Callisto.

“Oh, I almost forgot your lesson: If you had learned to really fight, instead of always talking, you might have had a chance. Don’t forget to tell Xena as well!”
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Re: Xena: The Prodigal's Return

Post by LovetheFallenAngels »

I wanted to read one of your stories and post a few thoughts. I really liked some parts. I watched Xena ages ago but I'm really rusty on the lore and world so I'm not that familiar with these characters. I also have a tiny bit feedback for improvement, I hope that's okay, but feel free to let me know if you don't want constructive feedback. Also obviously feel free to disregard it.

First, the stuff I liked. I love the progression of the 'sparring' scene where it starts presumably as amicable but quickly escalates. I love the "I am completely exhausted" and "too bad for you." My favorite part of the story was the breaking of Gabrielle's staff. It's a great moment imo as it offers a shift in tone in a dramatic and surprising way. It's also a great symbolic action that demonstrates this stranger's true intentions. What the stranger woman does with the broken half of the stick is also quite inventive. Turning the protagonists weapon on her in a devious manner. The watersports humiliation that followed was quite good. I like the detail of forcing Gabrielle to 'clean' the staff as well. Overall, it's a complete and total defeat of our protagonist in a satisfying manner.

I have only one piece of feedback. I think the story would be more effective if the change in tone from savior to enemy was a complete surprise. Instead of foreshadowing the stranger woman's intentions by noting the cruel streak in her eyes, I think the shift would hit a lot harder if first this stranger appeared to be a true ally who only wanted to assist in Gabrielle's training. Then, when she asserts her dominance, we the reader will be just as surprised as Gabrielle and it will add excitement.

I enjoyed reading this story. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Xena: The Prodigal's Return

Post by VegaTaxeca »

Thank you for your very kind feedback. Constructive criticism is always welcome. This is a old story, but that does not mean I am above learning a few new tricks. ;)

Regarding the last point, I will think about it, especially with regards to potential future writings. The only thing is, for readers knowing the show, I probably would have to avoid her name as well, since Callisto is one of the major enemies of Xena..

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