“White Angel 20” is now available!


Stephanie Knight plays White Angel agent Tisha Wade, who is tasked to locate her abducted fellow agent, Jean Blade. She gets into the Remo facility, but Agent X then intercedes to stop her cold. Try as she might, she cannot defeat the super-powered Agent X, and he tests her regenerative powers to the max… killing her twice… with each death making it harder and harder for her to re-animate.

Do not miss this latest episode in the on-going White Angel Saga! This series features the hottest super-powered female agents in the genre, and includes all of the popular peril elements for your enjoyment!

Here’s the purchase links:

Silk ‘N Blood store: http://www.silknblood.com/store/index.php?p=product&id=838

Genre Videos (for Bitcoin users): http://genrevideos.com/store/sexy-spies-mini-series/sexy-spies-32-white-angel-20/

WA 20 Element Poster

Chloroformed in civilian dress
Awesome eyes
Ready for action
Bearhug, anyone?
Orgasmic death!
Bluestone Video Productions has been in the film-making business for 11 years, but entered the Superheroine world about 4 years ago with the classic "Wondra: Fall of a Heroine"! Building on the popularity of this video, we created many more Bluestone heroines, including Supernova, Darkwing, Catwarrior and Blackbird. Season 1 introduced our characters. Season 2 brought them all together in the "Dark Wondra Saga", and we hope Season 3 will take these characters to even greater heights. We are always asking what fans want to see and are eager to please everyone. Most of our productions also have alternate endings in order to satisfy those who just want to see Peril as well as those who want to see Extreme endings. Our best quality production values are reserved for our Superheroine line of videos!

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