“White Angel 21” is finally here! See super sexy Kara Lina as our newest super-powered White Angel!

White Angel agents are super-powered spies with superior strength, stamina, and possessing a healing factor that can actually bring them back to life after a fatal wound. The White Angel agents are tasked with bringing down an enemy espionage network which is known only as Remo. There are many White Angel agents, but this episode 21 introduces the latest White Angel.
Tara Raven is confident, perhaps a little over-confident, sexy and undefeated to date in her battle against the Remo forces. Accordingly, Remo sends a very special agent to take her down.
Tara arrives home in civilian guise, and is warned by Control that she is being tracked by a Remo agent known only as Syphon. She downplays the abilities of any Remo agents.
Within seconds, Syphon surprises her in her home and they engage in a brutal conflict in which Agent Raven is fatally stabbed, and shot to death twice. Each time she uses her healing factor to regenerate, Syphon drains a little more of her powers, until he is able to completely overcome and defeat her.
The episode ends with Syphon as the victor, and he carries the unconscious Tara Raven away as his captive.
This episode also introduces the Tara Raven actress to the Bluestone universe… Kara Lina, a gorgeous Playboy model who will knock your socks off!
Do not miss this awesome video! If you are not already familiar with the White Angel series, this would be a good episode to introduce you to the world of superheroine spies!

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