White Angel agents are super-powered spies with superior strength, stamina, and possessing a healing factor that can actually bring them back to life after a fatal wound. The White Angel agents are tasked with bringing down an enemy espionage network which is known only as Remo. There are many White Angel agents, but episode 21 introduced us to the latest White Angel, Tara Raven. Tara Raven is confident, perhaps a little over-confident, sexy and undefeated until a very special Remo agent, takes her down by draining her powers in White Angel 21.

Now, Tara is in Syphon’s clutches, and he prepares to end her life for good. She breaks free and they fight once again, but she is knocked out after a fierce struggle and tied to a chair. First Syphon threatens her with a knife, then he uses the blade to cut her bra open to reveal her spectacular breasts. Once he’s rendered her topless, he proceeds to strangle her mercilessly as her luscious body jerks and jiggles under his power.

There are two versions of this video, the Peril version where she survives and kills Syphon, and the Extreme version where Syphon ends up murdering Tara. The Element poster below sets out all of the elements in each version and can be enlarged by clicking on it.

The Tara Raven actress, Kara Lina, is a gorgeous Playboy model who will knock your socks off!

Do not miss this awesome video! If you are not already familiar with the White Angel series, this would be a good episode to introduce you to the world of superheroine spies!

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Click on the Element Poster and Pics below to see an expanded view of them!

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