White Angel agents are super-powered female espionage agents who work for a secret branch of MI6. They have superior strength and stamina, and have been trained to be expert fighters, but they also have been granted regenerative powers that allow them to recover from what would normally be fatal injuries. In short, they are immortals. They are pitted against an evil organization known only as Remo, who are also attempting to steal the White Angel formula and use it for their own purposes. The White Angels’ one weakness? Strangulation! If they are strangled for long enough, their regenerative powers will burn out, and they will be unable to regenerate.

“White Angel 24” introduces us to the newest White Angel agent, Mia Harper. Mia taunts Remo’s Agent X during an intercepted transmission, calling him a coward for not facing her directly. Then, she adds, “Don’t you want to wrap a garrote around my smooth sexy neck?” Suddenly, he is behind her, casting a garrote across her smooth, sexy neck! Suddenly, the cocky babe is at a distinct disadvantage! She does manage to break free and fight back, but Agent X proves to be the stronger and more experienced of the two super agents, and not only defeats her, but strangles her until her regenerative powers burn out!

White Angel Mia Harper is played by Cara Swift, the actress who plays Blackbird in the Bluestone Superheroines’ Series! She is one gorgeous babe!

Don’t miss this latest White Agent epic!

There are two versions of this video, Version 1 is the regular version, and Version is the regular version with orgasmic squirts added during the chair strangle!

Here are the purchase links:

“White Angel 24” – Version 1 (regular version):

“White Angel 24a” – Version 2 (with squirting orgasms):

Here’s the Element poster!

Here’s a gallery of some of the awesome scenes from this video!

There are customer comments and more pics on the Superheroine Lounge sub-forum here:





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