On Patrol, White Shadow comes upon a victim who appears to be on the receiving end of a mugging or beating. She intervenes and while occupied, a second assailant appears, grabbing the victim at knife point. Assailant 2 threatens the victim’s life if Shadow doesn’t hand over her power crystal. Shadow finds herself in a trap. Deciding she can best the two assailants without her powers, she begrudgingly hands over the crystal. Not only is it a trap, but the two assailants are prepared and trained in combat. Shadow is strong but it soon becomes clear she’s outmatched. Someone with a serious vendetta against Shadow hired the two thugs and the thugs are relentless. Find out what nefarious and horrific plans they have in store for poor Shadow.

Contains: 2 on 1 male/female combat, face, body, belly punching, kicks, bear hug front and rear, 2 back breakers, multiple low blows, crawling, full nudity, closeups of pussy, forced orgasm from fingering, acid applied all over heroines body and poured on pussy, pussy and breast torture – slaps, squeezing of nipple

http://shg-media.com/Default.aspx?PageI … 5479394a0e

Trailer and more pics:


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Sylvester Sneakly
Sylvester Sneakly

She’s basically naked! What a babe!!