Wonder Woman Broken by Sorceress Circe

Wonder Woman Broken by Sorceress Circe 3
Hello Everyone!!
Ashley Lane is back after almost a year. I am so excited to present you this new adventure with her!
She plays a really good villainess. And Wonder Woman is loosing on this one.
As many of you have asked many times. You prefer watching an entire adventure instead of in two parts. Well when it is possible and editing in done and finished on a timely manner I will try to provide a full adventure.
I am also releasing part 1 this week and part 2 next week so if you prefer to watch it over two weeks you will have this option as well
Enjoy and Thank you for Watching!
Wonder Woman feels the presence of someone. She uses her powers to make Circe appear. But quickly Circe will use her sorceress powers to get the upper hand on Wonder Woman. Breaking her down, physically, mentally and sexually little by little. She will turn her into a sex slave to ultimately become the leader of the Amazons. Wonder Woman will have to endure bondage and struggling for days. Forced controlled orgasms and pussy stimulation all created by Circe’s magic. Bringing the Amazon to the edge over and over… breaking her down slowly using several methods. Everyone more cruel than the previous ones.
Wonder Woman Broken by Sorceress Circe
Part 1 Only
Starring: Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman and Ashley Lane as Sorceress Circe
Includes: Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman, Original Super Heroine Costume, Shiny Pantyhose, Ashley Lane as Circe, Catfight, SHIP, Damsel in Distress, Cosplay, Special FX, Bondage, Struggling, Fondling, Girl Girl, Energy Transfer, Orgasm Control, Fighting, Trap, Special FX, Parody, Weak, Helpless. Stripping, Humiliation, Peril, Heroine in Distress and Peril. Demise, No Escape!
Wonder Woman Broken by Sorceress Circe 4
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