Wonder Woman in Greece is a video pictorial of Christina Carter’s Wonder Woman enjoying the beautiful Greek coastline while lounging by the pool. The video includes: Cosplay posing, swimming, stripping, pantyhose destruction, masturbation, foot and toe sucking and nude sunbathing.

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Wonder Woman In Greece 1 Wonder Woman In Greece 2 Wonder Woman In Greece 3 Wonder Woman In Greece 4 Wonder Woman In Greece 5 Wonder Woman In Greece 6 Wonder Woman In Greece 7 Wonder Woman In Greece 8 Wonder Woman In Greece 9

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  1. Hey Guys!! I hope you love this one. It’s a bit different from any others in the past. Just sexy, lustful Wonder Woman. I found myself in Greece with a last minute place to shoot and my red white and blue in hand…soooo.. I put a few requests into one sexy clip for you.

    Love ya,

    1. Nice to see Wonder Woman do something regular like taking a vacation for a change. A little R&R should do her good so she can get back in the fight…and obtain a victory in the name of truth and justice.

      1. I thought so..lol.. It didn’t suck, that’s for sure! I’m sure it didn’t suck seeing me get all hot and bothered win my star spangled panties, ripping out of all my clothing and having my way with myself :).

        Hope you are having a great Sunday!!

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