Wonder Woman: Home Invasion – Sleepy Superheroines


Diana Prince (the stunning Misty Lovelace) is getting ready to go to
work and starts putting on her pantyhose, skirt, and clothing little
realizing that the nefarious Trickster has broken into her home.
Trickster quickly chloroforms Diana Prince and then decides to have
some fun and humiliate his captive by undressing her down to her bra,
panties, and pantyhose. When Diana Prince comes to, she changes into
Wonder Woman and goes after the Trickster. Unfortunately, she is
overpowered by the fiend with a bear hug and stumbles on all fours
before she is chloroformed to sleep. What follows is another KO
tribute to the Fausta episode of Wonder Woman which finishes with
Trickster gagging his star-spangled captive with pantyhose. Can Wonder
Woman escape her fate or will she face more defeats at the hand of the
Trickster? Find out in the latest release from Sleepy Superheroines!

The video contains peril elements including multiple chloroform KO’s,
Bearhug KO, pantyhose gag, butt spankings, over the shoulder carries
and cradle carries.

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Sleepy Superheroines


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