Starring: Carissa Montgomery as Queen Hippolyta and Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is held prisoner in a chamber chained and gagged to keep her from trying to escape. Queen Hippolyta (Queen of the Amazons and her mother) is thrown into the chamber as well. She rejoice to see Diana (wonder woman) alive and well but she is bearing bad news. Their situation is dire and powerful villains that are holding them captives are going to use their amazon rituals against them. They have to face 3 Amazon Tortures:
  • The Garrote
  • The Scourge
  • The Ravishing
But it seems like an impossible task since no amazon has ever been able to stand all 3 of them!
Together Wonder Woman and Queen Hippolyta will endure those challenges and will have to push beyond their limits to survive them. Those 3 challenges are meant to break them down in spirit and physically.  If they survive they will earn their freedom but if they don’t Themyscira will fall and the amazons will once again be slaves.
Includes: Carissa Montgomery as Queen Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, Anastasia Pierce as Wonder Woman, Original Super Heroine Costume, Shiny Pantyhose, Linda Carter Pantyhose, Amazon challenges, Double Captives, Double SHIP, Damsel in Distress, Cosplay, Strict Bondage, Struggling, Whipping, Fondling, Girl Girl, Orgasm Control, Fucking Machine, Strap-on, Physical Challenge, Mental humiliation, Parody, Weak, Helpless.  Peril, Heroine in Distress and Peril. Demise, No Escape!

Purchase Info:

FULL EPISODE  – HD 1920X1080 MP4
FULL EPISODE  – SD 1280 X720  MP4
PART 1 – HD 1920X1080 MP4
PART 1 – SD 1280 X720  MP4
Part 2 – HD MP4 , 1920×1080
Part 2 – SD MP4 , 1280×720



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