Wonder Woman Returns


Wonder Woman Returns! – Sleepy Superheroines

Here is Part 2


Wonder Woman is aiming to deliver some payback to the Trickster after
her humiliating defeat the last time. But as usual, the Trickster is
well prepared to take on the voluptuous amazon and has some sneaky
tricks up his sleeve including mind-control bracelets (an homage to
the Roddy Mcdowell episode of Wonder Woman). What follows is a
non-stop parade of knockouts and humiliation for our lovely amazon
including chloro, electric, gas mask, debooting, etc.  Part 1 includes
an homage to legendary sleepy artist Monsieur Paul.

Part 1 contains multiple chloroform KOs, electric KOs, electric/chloro
ko, mind control, ballgag, butt spankings, and over the shoulder
carry.  Length: 22 minutes, Price: $20

Part 2 contains multiple chloroform KOs, mind control, bondage,
ballgag, debooting, tickling, butt spankings, cradle carry, and over
the shoulder carry.  Length: 22 minutes, Price: $20

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Wonder Woman Returns 1 Wonder Woman Returns 2 Wonder Woman Returns 3 Misty Lovelace as Wonder Woman




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