Wonder Woman vs. The Entity 1

Wonder Woman vs. The Entity is a CC Production custom video. Wonder Woman (Christina Carter) discovers a strange alien life form living in an abandon office-warehouse. The Entity communicates with Wonder Woman through her telepathic power. Our heroine learns the Entity is intrigued with the concept of bondage and is looking to submit a female to the fetish.

Clip contains: Supernatural power, body manipulation and control, groping, nipple clamps, rope and suspension bondage, Hitachi vibrator and struggle sequences.

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Christina Carter Superheroine




  1. Christina Carter is still in my books the queen of WW peril and this one looks like an absolute must get

    It will be mine some how
    Rather have her though we can all dream can’t we

  2. she looks amazing and sexy as wonder woman…

    she has mantained an aaing figure and she looks like lynda carter most of the times…a very sexy wonder woman…a naked wonder woman in bondage is aways a turn on for me



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