Wonder Woman X3

Wonder Woman X3 1


-Season One Wonder Woman Costumes and Peril
-Seasons Two and Three Blue Cat Suit Costume with White Stars, Red Band and Gold Band
-Diana Prince Topless in High Heels, Miniskirt and Round Frame Glasses

-Evil Leprechaun Speaking with Irish Accent

-Wonder Woman naked except for her boots and tiara.

-Villain Using Magic Tricks to Achieve Good Motives

-Wonder Woman Feminum Bracelet Deflections, Super Strength, Magic

Lasso Toss and Capture of Villain Tied Up and Controlled in Magic Lasso

-Superheroine FEMDOM of Villain

-Classic Wonder Woman Dialogue and sayings like “Suffering Sappho”

-Villain Depowered then Regaining Magical Powers

-Wonder Woman and Villain Both Following Orders in Magic Lasso

-Reversal of Domination

-Bondage with hands tied behind back, across chest and legs tied together.

-Struggling against bondage including close up legs and hand shots

-Boot, Foot, Pantyhose, Tights and Foot Fetish

-Debelting, Feminum Bracelet Removal and Debooting

-Compelled Obedience and Admissions of Secrets and Fears from Wonder Woman Bound and Interrogated in Golden Lasso

-Titty Abuse with Squeezing Slapping and Nipple Twisting and Pulling

-Damsel in Distress with Forced Kissing, Forced Hopping Humiliation, Hand Over Mouth (HOM) and Hair Dragging

-Sleep Fetish shot in multiple angles, Struggling, Limp Play, Lift & Carry Over the Shoulder (OTS)

-Superheroine Defiance and Ultimate Submission

-Superheroine Blow Jobs with Hands Bound Behind Her Back shot at multiple angles

-Hardcore XXX Fucking and Cumshots


Mr. O’Hanlon, the “Leprechaun,” has returned and he is pissed! English Banking Corporations are abusing Ireland. The Leprechaun swears to use his magic to destroy this new English Banker Menace to Ireland. Noble though his motives may be, Wonder Woman obeys Amazon Law that forbids using magic to alter mortal outcomes. It’s a battle royal of Manly Irish Justice versus Amazonian Law and Order!

Wonder Woman shows off her Amazonian Feminum Bracelet deflections, super strength and magic lasso toss and capture. Mr. O’Hanlon is quickly on his knees powerless and tied up in golden lasso bondage. Wonder Woman knows nothing shows the error of villainous ways like some Ancient Hellenic (Greek) Female Domination (FEMDOM).

Watch out Wonder Woman! Leprechauns are magically resilient!

A careless command, a Leprechaun magical “switch – a – roo” and Mr. O’Hanlon is free and Wonder Woman is bound in her own magic lasso. Mr. O’Hanlon gives Wonder Woman a classic TV magic lasso interrogation to learn how to make her helpless. The villain removes Wonder Woman’s magic belt and Feminum Bracelets. Helpless! Defenseless!

Taking advantage of our powerless princess, Mr. O’Hanlon even steals her boots. How Humiliating! The lewd leprechaun even embarrasses our bound beauty with some leg and foot worship. Leave Wonder Woman’s feet alone you … you … lewd leprechaun!

Mr. O’Hanlon decides he wants to meet his “old friend,” Diana Prince. A magic trick and Wonder Woman is gone. Diana Prince stands before him. She wears high heels, tights, miniskirt and her iconic circular frame glasses. Of course, the lecherous leprechaun left her topless. Titty Torture Time! The evil Irishman inflicts titty squeezing, slaps and nipple twists on his pretty prisoner. He even forces Diana Prince to kiss him. Naughty! Naughty! Leprechaun!

Diana Prince still defies him!? Arrogant Amazon!

Another malicious magic spell and Wonder Woman stands in her blue cat suit with white stars, gold band and red band. He just won’t let her out of that lasso! She does a degrading dance to the tune of leprechaun lightning zapped at her feet. Mr. O’Hanlon inflicts hand over mouth (HOM) and hair dragging peril upon our helpless heroine. Dirty mean old man!

Mr. O’Hanlon gives Wonder Woman the cloth with lots of different angles. Wonder Woman resists but finally falls. Leprechaun follows up with limp play cheek slaps, head drops, breast play, crotch rubbing and over the shoulder carry (OTS) lift and carry. Vile villain! Leave Wonder Woman alone!

Wonder Woman awakens bound hand and foot in the magic lasso. Compelled by the magic lasso, she admits defeat. With her hands and legs struggling, she gives Mr. O’Hanlon a Wonder Blow Job shot in multiple angles. One last magic trick and Wonder Woman is naked in just her boots and tiara with bound hands and feet free. The Leprechaun enjoys a triumph of hardcore fucking and cumshots with the beaten Wonder Woman!

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