Zero Suit Battle – Sensually Savage

In the distant future, two lovers-turned rival assassins (played by Misty Lovelace and Skye Blue) do battle in order to secure valuable and top secret information!

We fade in a hog-tied Agent Misty, who wakes up and struggles as Agent Blue suddenly teleports behind her. Shocked to see her ex-love, Misty demands to know what’s going on. Turns out there’s a huge bounty on the information Misty stole on a separate mission, and it’s Agent Blue’s job to beat it out of her. She unties Misty only to feel a sudden kick to the jaw that sends her flying. Angry, Skye stands up and the two prepare for battle. Skye traps Misty’s fist and delivers a barrage of belly punches, as well as knee strikes to the abs. She slams Misty’s face into the ground as her body shakes from the impacts. Skye applies a perfect sleeper that makes Misty’s tongue slowly protrude as it slowly sends her to Dreamland. She continues to torture Misty, trapping her in a reverse neck scissors, but Misty reverses it and traps Skye in her own, leading to a slow and perfect double knockout.

Misty wakes up and exacts some vengeance, trapping her ex in a perfect REVERSE FACESIT that knocks Skye out! Misty checks her opponent’s limp limbs and goes for more but Skye delivers a sudden cunt punch that floors Misty. Skye throws her head first into a nearbu door and proceeds to send punch after punch into Misty’s crotch, tenderizing her cunt and finishing her off with a massive pussy-kick from behind that turns Misty into a knocked-out heap! She lands with her ass in the air as Skye, seemingly broken-hearted at her options, decides to use secret physical powers to finish the fight. She sits Misty up and sends BOLTS of BLUE LIGHTNING into her temple designed to extract the information she needs, as well as everything in Misty’s brain. Misty is reduced to a babbling zombie. Skye kisses her ex lover, hoping to get part of her back…but Misty is gone. Skye delivers a final act of mercy: a sudden turn and twist of Misty’s neck that leaves her convulsing, her eyes rolling…and eventually motionless on the ground.

Includes: Spandex fetish, instant replays, special VISUAL FX, multiple knockouts, and MORE!

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