American Star

Allison Madison was a lovely College Freshmen. She had blonde hair that came down onto her shoulders and just a little bit near her upper shoulders on her back. Green eyes complemented a beautiful face and a shapely gymnast’s body. Finally she looked great in nylon and lyrca, a fact that helped out when she decided to use her newfound powers for good.

Her parents had worked for the Defense Department. Allison’s Mom was a geneticist, and her Dad was an expert in the human body’s use of energy. For ten years during the latter half of the cold war they tried creating an enhanced soldier. They wanted to give this soldier superstrength, speed, enhanced healing, and limited invulnerability. Except when the wall fell and the Evil Empire collapsed there work wasn’t needed in the new Defense spending for the 21st Century.

After 9/11 though they tried to sell their project again to the DOD, but they needed to show they had made progress. Eventually they managed to build a successful prototype. Using a pair of golden bracelets they gave the wearer all the powers they had envisioned. Problem was in their joy of finally doing it they went out to celebrate, leaving the bracelets in the open.

Allison had returned from one of her gymnastic meets. After a shower and change of clothes she went down in her parent’s lab. There she found the bracelets, not recognizing them for what they were, she placed on her wrists. Allison was suddenly shocked by the energy that ripped into her body. It was too much for her and she collapsed to the ground. When she awoke, Allison found that she was different. Her body felt light, and quick, yet at the same time she could feel strength and power in it. The young woman soon realized what that power was, by lifting the couch over her head with one hand.

Soon Allison parents and she discovered that she had acquired all the powers of the bracelets. She had superstrength, not in the same league as Supergirl from Metropolis, but strong none the less. Allison was fast, running across Washington DC in less than a minute. Finally she had a wonderful ability to heal and take damage. Although her parents warned her she wasn’t bulletproof or capable of taking extreme damage.

Since the bracelets failed to work with anyone else except Allison her parents were somewhat accepting of Allison’s new decision. Using the powers to fight crime in the nation’s capital, Allison would patrol the city every night (except those she had papers or tests) as the patriotic heroine, American Star.


Allison Madison placed her backpack on the floor of her room. She had just finished another work session with her gymnastic teacher so she finally had some free time.

“Time for some fun.” She said to nobody.

Reaching into her closet she pulled out a red and blue leotard, and a pair of blue tights. Slipping out of her jeans and blouse she stood only in her bra and panties. Allison pulled the silky lyrca and nylon tights up her legs. The blue fabric clung to her curves and felt great. Years of being a gymnast and cheerleader had lead Allison to become a fan of tights. Pulling these on and working any folds in the tights out, she then reached for her leotard.

This was a red and white leotard. Slipping into it she pulled the red fabric up and placed her arms into the sleeves and where her bracelets were on her wrists. Zipping up the back she stood in the mirror and looked herself over. The leotard was red on the top and her sleeves with a white bottom that started a little bit below her breast. On her chest was a large white star, then on the arms of her leotard there were smaller white stars that ran up the arms to her shoulders. Almost turned into her costumed identity she placed her red gloves on each hand, they meet near her bracelets and gave the costume a seamless look.

The most important part of her costume was her red mask that covered her forehead and provided. This protected the identity of Allison Madison and made her American Star.

“All right time to do some patrolling.” She said to her mirror putting on some spandex red boots. These gave her feet protection but they looked like footed tights. Heading for her window she opened and crouched on the landing then with a push from her legs she jumped out. Not having an ability to fly she used her jumps and speed to get around town. American Star began another night of patrol over DC.


Across town from were American Star had just left her home, another young woman prepared her tights, except she was not going out to do good. Her bright red hair was cut short and clashed with the blue of her eyes. She had unusually white skin, and like Allison she looked great in tights. Katie Helms got ready to make the big score. She pulled out her purple sleeveless leotard and pink tights. She smiled; it did seriously clash with her evil persona. Katie had gotten into a life crime shortly after discovering her powers. Slipping on the pink tights first she then pulled her leotard on. A pair of goggles with tinted lenses covered her eyes.

While her powers gave Katie an advantage in most situations they weren’t full proof, so she had back up. Getting dressed next to her was Carrie Stone. The dirty blonde was like Katie, gifted with a special power, in Carrie’s case superstrength. She slipped into a skin tight black catsuit. It covered her from her feet to her neck. The outfit was completed with a navy blue sash around her waist and a black mask.

The final member of the group was Terri Coyle. She had burnet hair that was pined up and hung loosely. Like her friends she too had a special power, in her case super speed. Her costume consisted of dark blue leotard with gloves with shimmering opaque tights. Pulling these on her long legs they glimmered in the light of Katie’s room. Once her tights and leotard were on she put a pair of special dark blue sneakers on her feet and a pair of goggles like Katie’s on her face, although hers were tinted blue.

“Okay” Katie spoke now in as her alter ego Fade, “All right ladies are we all ready?”

Terri put her gloved hands on her hips and tapped her foot, “Yeah can we get going?”

“Patience, Velocity” Vigor (Carrie) responded using Terri’s villainess name.

“Hey its bad enough I have to run you two over there, besides sooner we get going the sooner I can buy that new sports car.” Terri complained.

“All right, can we focus? Vigor you’ll take care of the steel gates, Velocity you’ll take care of the cameras and I’ll unlock the vault.” Fade explained the plan.

“Sounds good.” Vigor flexed her fingers, ready to use her strength.

“All right, let’s get going.” Fade said.

Minutes later Fade, Velocity, and Vigor were standing a short distance from the First National Bank near Georgetown University. Vigor and Fade hid behind a car while Velocity went to work, she went into her superspeed becoming a blue blur. She went through the window, using a lock pick to undo the front door in a few seconds. Then she disappeared into the bank, disabling the cameras, which didn’t even pick up her blur. Once this was completed she stepped outside and waved.

Fade and Vigor strolled over and gave Terri and high five, “Nice work girlfriend Vigor the bars.”

“Right.” She smiled; walking over her nylon clad feet making no noise she gripped the steel bars that protected the main vault door. Her arms showed the normal muscles of a lady athlete but they could easily bend the steel. With satisfaction she pulled the bars apart, snapping a few.

“I love that.” Carrie said as she struck a Supergirl-like power pose. Fade and Velocity came up and Katie did her part.

“So how’d you get the code this time?” Carrie asked.

Katie began to do the dial, “He really liked girls in short skirts with tight tops. A little seduction and my usual talents”, she smiled thinking of her power, “I had the code, easy money.”

The vault began to open, “All right!” Velocity said, seeing her new sports car in her mind.

“Yep, all right as much as we can carry.” Fade ordered politely.

“I think not.” A voice sounded from behind. The three villainesses turned to see a blonde girl in mask and red, white, and blue standing confidently in the center of the bank.

“American Star!” Vigor yelped. They all recognized DC’s resident heroine.

“Yep and who would you three be? Rejects from the last Jane Fonda video?” Allison joked.

“You should talk American Star! You’re a fan of nylon as well.” The red head in the center joked.

“Okay I’ll give you that, but you still are coming with me.” The college superheroine ordered, moving from her power pose to a fighting stance.

Fade, Velocity and Vigor did the same, “I don’t think so American Star. It seems you’re out numbered.” Fade answered.

Allison looked at the three girls, sizing them up. Okay here goes nothing, she thought as she headed for the girl clad in black…

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