Queen of Swords

QUEEN OF SWORDS: QUEEN OF HEARTS Santa Helena’s market day was winding down. It was late afternoon when Doña Maria Teresa Alvarado arrived. For once, she rode in alone. Marta was left behind to prepare dinner. In truth, Tessa wanted nothing more than to see the havoc she’d earlier wrecked in the guise of the […]

Do Not Disturb

Call him Thom. Call him Pigboy. Call him Don. But to me he’ll always be Dark One. The Dark One. I first encountered his stories many, many moons ago, over at Mr. X’s story archives. I was only just getting into SHIP (Super Heroines In Peril – ‘tis the name of our site’s raison d’être, […]

Fuchsia Fox: “Whoever Has the Most Toys”, by Centurion

Fuchsia Fox: “Whoever Has the Most Toys” Prologue — Alexandria, Virginia The sun shone down brightly on the marina, on one of those clear summer afternoons that made you glad to be alive. Larry Dalton, tending bar on his pleasure boat Floating Asset, couldn’t help grinning as he poured out three martinis, at the same […]

Fuchsia Fox : “Mind Games”, by Centurion

Hey everybody.  Here’s the next Fuchsia Fox adventure by Centurion.  Note, there is one scene involving a couple of druggies that Centurion allowed me, after much urging and debating, to edit all by myself.  It pushes the boundary of how far Centurion is willing to go, but in the end I convinced him that it […]

Fuchsia Fox: “Escape From Cellblock 10”, by Centurion

Here is the next Fuchsia Fox story that Centurion has ready. We hope you enjoy it. All feedback, good or bad, is welcome!   Fuchsia Fox: “Escape from Cellblock 10”   Prologue — National Archives, Washington D.C.   Jennifer Fletcher stretched her upper body, leaning back in the hard wooden chair of one of the […]

Supergirl : “THE DEVIL MAY CRY…”

Stories 2

Hi folks, thanks for stopping by. This story is the larger arc that all my previous TOSG short stories have been contributing to. It will help to understand what’s going on fully if you have read them, but if you haven’t this story is still hopefully readable on its own. The previous short stories, should […]

Tales of Supergirl: FAKING IT (for Halloween!)

Stories 3

Hi this story was originally posted some years ago in the story section for Halloween but MH is keen to migrate stories over into the new Blog setup so I will gradually be doing so, and thought I’d start with my shortest piece The original posting is from here on below– Hi all, this is […]

Fuchsia Fox – Return To Club X

Fuchsia Fox: “Return to Club X” Chapter 1 — Somewhere in the wilds of Maryland, Jennifer Fletcher turned the Subaru off the pitch dark, rain-slick secondary road, passing through an open gate and into a parking lot. About forty or so cars were already there, parked in front of a sprawling, two-story building with a […]

The Perils of Enhancegirl 12: The Web of Mysteria

“Let’s go again!” Yumi Tae-Yeong urged. The petite, Korean songstress was sweating, her grey vest damp, her cheeks flushed red, and her slender, graceful legs moist from her exertions. It had been an exhausting day. Yumi’s muscles ached for sitting at the mic-stand for so long, her voice was beginning to waver and weaken, and […]

Fuchsia Fox : “In Too Deep”

Fuchsia Fox : “In Too Deep” By Centurion Chapter 1 — Baltimore, Maryland “Watch your step here. Careful.” It crossed Jennifer Fletcher’s mind that her escort couldn’t possibly mean that literally, since she was blindfolded. She had no choice but to trust him as he guided her by the hands. The moment he had helped […]

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