Drew Prince stretched her leg out parallel to the wooden board in front of her. The white nylon lyrca tights gleamed in the lights of the dance studio. She was alone tonight as Drew practiced her routine for the coming concert. Dressed in her typical ballet clothing, a black leotard, white tights and ballet slippers, Drew went into her routine once again. Five minutes later she finished it again, making this the hundredth time she practiced it.

“You know, I think you’ve got it.” Drew heard from behind her. Smiling she turned to see a blonde woman only a year older than her in a business suit, skirt, tan pantyhose with her shoes off.

“Well I have been practicing, Linda not all of us could sleep through school and get away with it.” Drew walked over and hugged her friend and former roommate Linda Danvers known to the world as Supergirl.

Linda had come down from the Windy City to pay one more visit to Drew better know as Wondergirl, “Hey I had supermemory don’t blame me.”

Drew laughed and looked at Linda’s pantyhosed feet, “Hose eh? Plus where’s your shoes?”

“Well the switching between Supergirl and Linda meant I had to keep taking off and on hose. So I just friction-proofed a couple pairs and solved the problem, plus I thought the red boots would scuff up the floor.” Supergirl replied with a smirk.

The two friends made small talk for a few more minutes. Drew was ecstatic to hear that Linda and Barbara would be at the concert along with Diana. They had to break it up when Linda picked up reports of a Russian spacecraft in trouble. Drew picked up her stuff, put her sneakers on not bothering to put on her athletic pants, she’d just walk back to the dorm as she was now it wasn’t that far of a walk. Making her way outside she enjoyed the night air and the beautiful skyline of Metropolis.

Almost back to her dorm she heard a woman’s panic cries for help. Not thinking about changing into her Wondergirl outfit, she ran to the source of the noise. A young coed was being attacked by three black wearing assailants. They were women from what Drew could see. Each wore a tight black top, possibly a leotard, black mask like a ski mask but made from spandex, a black short skirt and matching tights.

Drew dropped her bag and went into action. Even though she hadn’t changed into her full powered Amazon self, Drew was quite the combat fighter. She kicked the first attacker, knocking the woman flat on her back. A quick left hook brought the second woman down, and then she used a special Amazon neck chop to take down attacker three. Drew admired her handiwork, not bad for good old Drew, her mom on Paradise Island would have been proud.

Turning back to the college student who sat on the grassy ground, “Are you all right?”

“Yes, thank you Drew.” The girl sobbed slightly. She was a brunet dressed in a demon jacket, blouse, skirt, and pink hose.

“You know me?” Drew asked not recognizing the college girl. Her victim nodded, and then spoke in a new determined voice, “Yes Drew, and I’m sorry but I have no other choice.”

The girl pulled from her jacket’s pocket a white cloth, then shoved it into Drew’s face. She recognized the smell of chloroform, and tried to move away but a pair of arms wrapped around her body. Pinning her arms, she couldn’t fight the cloth held over her face. Drew managed to move her eyes to see the black spandex mask of her restrainer. She struggled trying to kick the girl who was only a victim seconds before, now trying to knock her out. It was no use; her struggles grew weaker along with her body. Her attacker allowed the woman in black to take over the holding of the cloth, while she rubbed Drew’s tights covered legs.

“Night night, Drew.” The college girl spoke. Drew, helpless and now scrumming to the chloroform could only wonder why she was being adducted. The burnet’s struggles soon ceased.

“She’s out Jennifer.” The black clad woman spoke. The college girl, Jennifer, checked to make sure, by giving Drew’s lyrca covered breasts a good smack, nothing.

“You’re right Kelly.” Jennifer responded. She watched as Kelly lowered Drew’s sleeping form onto the grass. The other two attackers came up removing their masks. One a blonde, the other a black haired beauty spoke first, “It worked!”

“Of course it worked Alice, I researched the Chloroform myself, and it’s even used to take down those superheroines, so it wouldn’t have any trouble on Drew.” Melissa spoke putting her blonde hair back into its typical pony tail.

Kelly removed her mask to show off her red hair, “Yes it all worked but now let’s get her in the truck before we’re spotted, remember college campus!”

Jennifer and Kelly proceeded to lift the sleeping Drew up by her arms and legs. Alice ran to start their van, while Melissa kept an eye out for anyone. It was Sunday night so no one was moving around campus. A black van pulled up and Jen with Kelly placed Drew into its back. Melissa retrieved Drew’s bag and placed inside the van as she and Alice got into the driver and shotgun seats. Jen took great pleasure in tying coils of rope around Drew’s upper body and arms. Kelly sighed as she watched that, “Jen, those are too loose, she might just slip out of them.”

“Hey it’s only temporary, besides we got chloroform here if she starts to wake up.” Jen argued. Kelly rolled her eyes and made sure Drew’s legs were tied properly.

The van continued away with the koed superheroine in the back, it would be hours before anyone knew she was gone.


Linda Danvers had just arrived for another day of work at the Chicago Tribune. Taking a seat at her cubical she proceeded to warm up her computer. While the PC came to life she got a cup of tea and headed back to the desk, and checked the latest news. Linda had a special search engine that looked for news tidbits in various areas. The international and national searches turned up little interest, so she checked her city searches. A few items caught her attention, a new rise in organize crime on the south side, fire department cut backs, and an old gas line wasn’t being repaired. Linda sighed at the work being created for Supergirl, and then she checked Metropolis stories. She nearly screamed, Metropolis University Student Missing was the headline. Reading, the Girl of Steel learned her friend had been kidnapped.

“Wait you have to wait!” Linda heard. Turning her head she saw a very angry woman pushing Ms. Stein the floor’s secretary out of the way. Getting out of her seat she headed for the woman, “Diana!”

“Linda!” Diana Prince said coming forward and hugging her friend. Miss Stein came up and explained what happened, “I’m sorry Ms. Danvers she just came up here and started barging on the floor saying something about FBI.”

“Because I am FBI.” Diana said showing off her FBI pass. Miss Stein visibly stiffened, Linda thanked her and took Diana to a special conference room on the floor.

“No recording devices or anything in her, trust me.” Linda said touching her glasses.

“I’m assuming you heard?” Diana started.

Linda nodded, “I have, and I saw her last night while she was practicing. I had to leave to rescue a Russian Soyuz capsule from the ISS.”

Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman took a seat in a chair, “There wasn’t any ransom, a brief sign of a struggle and some chloroform residue at the scene.”

“Has Wonder Woman heard from anyone?” Linda asked.

Diana shook her head, “No, all the usual suspects are in prison.”

“What about a little revenge from behind bars?” Linda tried another theory.

“No, that was the first thing I looked at and, Wonder Woman paid a visit to all the suspects and gave them the lie detector test”, her golden lasso, “They all had no knowledge of any plot. The FBI is investigating but I’m not part of it, they give me daily summaries but that’s it.”

Linda took a seat next to her friend, “Don’t worry Diana, we’ll find her. I’ll call Babs out at Gotham and see what she can find. Plus you’ll have an eye in the sky as well.”

Diana nodded and took another hug from Linda.


Barbara Gordon was heading home from another day at work, this one tougher than most. Linda had called her and informed her of the kidnapping of Drew. It hit Barbara hard; she had owed Drew for the rescue when Ivy had captured her and Supergirl. She and Robert had shaken every snitch they could find for information, nothing. Her young detective mind was going through the possibilities, trying to figure out who had been the target, Drew Prince College senior or Wondergirl.

Her thoughts were shaken by the screams of a young woman down they alley next to her apartment building. Reaching to her side she could feel her service automatic, but she disliked guns, except there wasn’t time to change into Batgirl. Why did I leave my costume in my house! She thought with frustration. Unenthusiastically she pulled out the Sig Sauer 9mm in her holster. Coming to the alley she could see a blonde haired woman with glasses being dragged into a black van by three black clad attackers. Taking a few steps forwards, she shouted, “Police!”

The three black clad women froze. One turned a black masked woman and looked at Barbara’s pistol, “I said Police, step away from the girl and get up against the wall.” To emphasize her point she waved the handgun to the wall. The three black clad ladies did as they were told. Babs came up to each of them and placed her cuffs on one of them, what about the other two?

“Here take these!” the blonde in glasses cried. She handed Babs some rope, which she took and bound the other two. Stepping back she kept her pistol pointed at the three attackers. The blonde came right up to Barbara and hugged her, “Thank you Babs!”

Barbara tried to keep her aim and comfort the young lady, “Its okay…how do you know my name?”

The girl realized she had made a mistake and tired covering it but made sure to stay next to Barbara, “Oh well you look like a friend of mine named Babs.”

Detective Gordon was going to dive deeper when she noticed the growing sent, “What’s that smell?”

“You like it’s my new perfume!” the blonde said. Barbara tried to keep her aim steady but felt her mind becoming cloudy. She felt lighter, the gun began to dip slowly, and she became relax enough for Alice to take the gun from her hands.

“Like it Babs? It’s a great new sent, designed to knock you right off your feet.” Alice laughed. Barbara’s eyes rolled into her head and slumped forwards into the arms of Alice. She carried the koed detective to the back of the van.

“Man I thought we were screwed.” Jennifer said from under her mask.

“You would be fine, remember she doesn’t like guns, she wouldn’t have shot.” Alice explained as she undid the three girls’ bonds.

“Still you didn’t have a gun in your face.” Melissa said rubbing her wrists where the handcuffs were clamped on. They got Barbara secured with her own handcuffs and some rope. Alice proceeded to remove her ko perfume with a special cloth, this was so her friends could remove their masks which protected them from the fumes.


Linda was finishing up her day as well; she needed to start looking for her friend. One of the last things she needed to do was to look over her email. Opening it up, she looked through them till one caught her eye. [email protected] had sent her a special email.

In seconds, she learned she now had two friends to look for.

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