Supergirl in Contract

“You know what you are asking?” he repeated.

“Yes, and I am tried of you acting in stuned beliefed. Now can you get what I require?”

“Well…it won’t be cheap..” the “supplier” made clear only to be cut off.

“Yes, you will be paid whatever you ask, half now half when I get what I want.”

He thought this one through. The first item she asked for would be easy but the other….Dealer named his price. His client agreed and with that the plan went into motion.

Three weeks later…

Sarah Foster was dressing herself in front of a mirror. She zipped up her skirt and finished buttoning her blouse. Foster then checked herself out in the mirror, Excellent. Skirt, blouse clean, no runs in my pantyhose. Sarah was ready for her big appointment. Then knocking at the door, Sarah checked her watch. Bewildered she walked to the door of her hotel room. It’s almost an half hour early for her, well good thing I am ready now.

Sarah opened the door to the shock of her life.

“Sleep tight Ms. Foster your part of the story of the year”, the lady at the front of the door said with a smile. She then shoved a chloroformed soaked rag into the young reporter’s face. MMPHHMMHH was her response as the attacker shoved her inside and on to the floor. The woman then closed the door with her feet. Sarah’s eyes began to flutter, she grew weaker…..her eyes then closed. The assailant smiled as she held the cloth to the reporter’s face just a few more seconds. Confident that the reporter was knocked out she removed the cloth and stood up.

Professional that she was, she always got a rush when she knocked out someone. Quickly though she went back to work. With ease she lifted the unconscious reporter into her arms and headed to the bedroom. Laying Sarah onto the bed she then bent over and removed one of Sarah’s shoes.


Supergirl loved flying. She was most relaxed just cursing through the sky enjoying the view, especially at night. Cities just looked better at night with the lights. So the view below was great in Supergirl’s eyes. For a hundredth time she wondered why she had agreed to this. Well Linda, the Maid of Might thought, you rescued Air Force One, saved that classroom from that nut bomber and the Metropolis Tower from that stray Tomahawk. So maybe you can just sit with a reporter for a few minutes.

In honor of her actions over the year the government was planning on giving her the Medal of Freedom. It was the highest civilian award that could be grated to a U.S. citizen. U.S. citizen, Supergirl thought with a chuckle, techquicly I am an illegal alien, but I guess a medal from Congress changes that. To learn more about Supergirl and her reaction to the reward, the Metropolis Tribune was doing a full bio on her. She considered it too much but she couldn’t have said no. So she was flying to meet the reporter from the Metropolis Trib.

A few minutes later she was floating above the 5 Star Hotel where interview was. Supergirl was always careful checked the upper floors for anything strange, nothing. She decided things looked alright and set down near an open window. The window opened up into the hallway on the right floor. With the grace of a ballerina Supergirl touched down inside. Supergirl gave the hallway a scan, nobody.

A few steps later she was at the right room, E128. Supergirl shot a blast of X-ray vision before opening the door. Inside she saw a young women sitting at a table, with a note pad in hand. A check of the rest of the room showed nothing out of the ordinary. She couldn’t quite make out what was in the closet of the bedroom. Some lead pipes ran through and around the closet. Well I have been here before when was that…oh yeah that idiot kidnapper who rented a room and stuck the kid he took in the closet. When I busted the bastard I couldn’t see into the closet. They must use the same design in all the rooms.

Satisfied a supervillan or trap wasn’t on the other side Supergirl knocked on the door. Foot steps were picked up on her sensitive hearing and the door opened,

“Hello Supergirl, I am Sarah Foster of the Tribune.”

Sarah Foster looked exactly like the picture in the papers and on the internet. She was 5’10, 120 pounds. Foster had shoulder length brownish red hair. Her breast weren’t too large but still Supergirl thought with a chuckle large enough. Dressed in a woman’s light grey suit she was attractive but professional.

“Hello, nice to meet you. I have enjoyed your stories in the past.” Supergirl responded to the greeting. She had read little of this lady wrote till this morning, she had read a bunch of her articles online earlier that morning.

“Thank you, that’s very gracious of you.” Sarah responded. The reporter motioned to Supergirl to come in. Supergirl strolled in and Sarah shuted the door behind her and unknown to Supergirl locked it. Finished with the door she asked Supergirl to make herself comfortable. Supergirls decided on the choosy chair near the table were she had spied Foster earlier.

“To be honest Supergirl this is quite flattering for me to meet you.” Sarah offered as they sat down. Supergirl thanked her and slightly blushed, she knew people were always impressed by her but still it made her somewhat embarrassed. The Girl of Steel relaxes slightly.

Good, flattery and bright eyes, works every time, “Sarah Foster” thought to herself. The real Foster was knocked out and tied up in the closet in her undies. She was a pro and besides copying peoples’ looks exactly she made sure to get their clothes right before a mission. This insured fooling the target.

Sarah then went into the interview. How you feel about that, what where you thinking when…, Why did this happen etc, etc. After an hour Supergirl had talked a lot, and the Professional thought she was very sincere. Never sounding too boastful or accepting of congratulations. Plus all this talk made Supergirl’s mouth dry.

“Man, all this talk made me thirsty” Supergirl commented.

“Supergirl let me get you something, coke, coffe, water?” Sarah asked.

Supergirl should have never made this mistake. She was better than this but; it’s the little mistakes that hurt.

“Ohh, thank you what ever you get for yourself fine for me.” She answered.

Sarah smiled and got up. Supergirl could have followed her with X-Ray visions but choose not to. She trusted Sarah Foster enough not to be that paranoid.

Foster had the benefit of some lead pipes running through the wall that separated the small kitchen from the eating/sitting area. If Supergirl stole a peak of her through the wall her image would be blurred by the pipes. Just like how the Maiden of Might didn’t see the real Sarah Foster in the bedroom closet.

Sarah went to the fridge and pulled out two cokes. Also she retrieved two glasses. Putting some ice in both she poured the cokes into the glasses. Now for the kicker, Sarah reached into her blouse. Nestled between her breasts in her bra was a vile. Made of plastic it had a pop of lid that came off once squeezed. She opened the vile and poured its contents into Supergirl’s drink. The liquid that went into Supergirl’s drink was slightly green……

Using a straw, Sarah mixed the substance into the Girl of Steel’s drink. When mixed it disappeared into the coke. She even made sure that the ice cubes were in position before she mixed the drink.

Supergirl watched as Sarah returned with two glasses of coke. The reporter set them down and returned to her notes. Now it was a matter of time. The two exchanged more questions and answers. Supergirl took her first drink. Sarah didn’t flinch. A few minutes later she had another. Again Sarah showed no change in her demeanor and kept the interview going. Finally Supergirl took the third drink.

The liquid out of the vile now reacted. It was a special cocktail ordered by the Professional; the first part was a combination of the best paralyzes in modern medicine, second the best sedatives. It also was a smart cocktail. It waited till it had come in contact with the temperature of the human or in this case, kryptonian mouth, three times. After that it became active. Although this cocktail had something extra added by the Professional herself, kryptonite.

Supergirl felt fine at first. Slowly though she would change that assessment. As the interview went on, she started to feel slightly weak. Not much at first but, it was growing. To clear this feeling she took another drink, doubling the amount of the drug in her body. After five minutes she was really feeling it. Her legs felt heavy, her muscles seem to be very loose but she could feel them react real slowly to any movement. Plus the weakness.

It took a collative and determine effort to put her hand on her face and let out a sigh. Sarah cocked her head and asked, “Supergirl you alright?”

Supergirl wanted to answer but she was too weak and sleepy to do so. Then she felt a more powerful weakness take over…on she remembered.

“Kryptonite…” she said weakly as she slumped back into her chair.

“Well, it was the only way to make you weak Supergirl.” , Sarah replied, “That was the only substance that would make you vurenable to my drug.”

The Girl of Steel struggled to leave the chair, only to fall on the floor. Her body was not responding to orders from her brain. She felt the kryptonite in her body doing what it does, poisoning her. Although it wasn’t at all enough to kill Supergirl, it did feel like it. Supergirl tried to crawl from the now dangerous reporter, she was stopped by Sarah reaching down and lifting the heroine into her arms.

Sarah was surprised at how light Supergirl was. The woman could have lifted this building but was light as a feather. The once powerful Supergirl was now helpless in her arms. Sarah walked with the now weak Girl of Steel in her arms to the bedroom. Laying her on the bed Sarah went for her bag.

Supergirl was too weak to try and lift her head, but heroine she was she tried. She got it about five inches off the pillow then slumped back onto it. The lifting made her sleepier. Sarah returned with her bag. It made a chunking metal sound when it hit the bed. The “reporter” reached into the bag and pulled a long chain out.

The lights of the room glinted off the steel that the chains were made of and were quite eerie to the helpless heroine. Chains like those wouldn’t have mattered if she was strong, but now quickly fading into unconscious she was afraid of them. Supergirl needed to know something.

“Who…….you.” she asked weakly.

“The woman who was hired to complete a contract.” She replied as she walked to Supergirl. She wrapped the cold steel around the Girl of Steel’s body, pinning Supergirl’s arms to her sides. Supergirl was not around for the rest of her bondage, the drug finally put Supergirl to sleep.


Her head ached…muscles were tried….she was pinned to something. Supergirl was slowly coming around. The Girl of Steel’s eyes were unfocused even open. Supergirl after a few minutes time found she could twist her head and tilt it but couldn’t move any other parts of her body.

A half hour later Supergirl could see again. She was trapped in a warehouse; the windows were blacked out so new clue where in Metropolis she was. Turning to more immediate surroundings, Supergirl saw she was bound to a chair. Thick silver chains were wrapped from her shoulders down to her legs. They pinned her to its arms, back and legs. Supergirl’s bound body was then inside a pentagon shaped glass or plastic chamber. She was disturbed by the fact that there seemed to be vents of some kind under her chair.

The professional watched from her spot in the shadows as Supergirl awakened. The superheroine was tied up nice and tight in her little chamber. She went back to her work. Heading up the stairs to the second level of the warehouse she walked onto the catwalk and made a few last minute preparations.

Supergirl heard some noises from above and stared through the roof of her glass cell. A woman was working with some controls above. She saw that the lady was dressed in a black skintight outfit. Supergirl let out a call to her adversary to try and see if she could figure out what was going on.

The Professional looked down at now the fully awake Supergirl. She admired the Maiden of Might, even now, bound weakened and facing the unknown she was still the defiant superheroine.

“Nice to see your awake Supergirl” she answered from above.

“Your welcome, now you want to release me from these damn chains or I open can of..” the angered heroine answered.

“Now, now Supergirl, don’t use foul language. Besides if you can come get me do it.”

Supergirl flexed her muscles but felt a stab of weakness. Her body grew tried and powers faded again. Despite all her tries the chains wouldn’t break. The professional just looked on. She waited for Supergirl to return her stare after the futile attempt to free herself.

“If you had asked I would have told you that my drug has a few side effects. Among them is typical sluggishness associated with sedatives and with the addition of kryptonite it leaves your superpowers quite weak for a while.” The Professional told the weakened Girl of Steel.

“Since I’m not going anywhere, mind explaining why you drugged me and brought me here.” Supergirl replied.

The woman clad in black left her little control station and walked to the stairs. She reached Supergirl’s glass cell and pressed a button on one of the panels. It slid down and she entered. Supergirl saw that she still looked like Sarah Foster. The professional lowered herself and made eye contact with Supergirl.

“I am a professional hitwoman Supergirl. You have made some enemies obviously and I have been hired by one of them to kill you.” The Professional began.

“You can try”, Supergirl shot back. She did her best to hide some uneasiness in her words, “Won’t mind telling me who hired you?”

“Don’t think so Supes. Anyway, I am one of the best. I study my target for a while learn there weaknesses, vices and other personal information. In your case I learned the interviews location and disguised myself as Sarah Foster. You know the rest.”

Supergirl wasn’t shaken much. The Professional knew though she had raddled her a little. Supergirl still tried to be the confident heroine. Walking slowly around Supergirl, the professional ran her fingers along Supergirl’s shoulders and hair.

“As for your end well, wish to know or shall it be a surprise?” the Professional inquired.

“Might as well tell me, it won’t work but I love these over the top death traps.” The Girl of Steel laughed.

The Professional taped her foot on the metal vents on the floors, “Well nothing to over the top just some poison gas laced with kryptonite.”

Supergirl’s face looked nervous now. She didn’t know what to do, chained to this chair with no powers she couldn’t bust free. The gas would quickly fill the chamber and her lungs. She had a chance with a chunk of kryptonite in front of her; it took about a half hour till it did her in. It would give her time to escape. The gas would work to fast. She needed to think fast!

The Professional climbed the stairs back up to her controls. The laptop was plugged into the gas tanks under Supergirl’s chamber. She opened up the correct command sequence on her laptop.

Supergirl looked with horror as the green gas came through the vents in the floor. She worried what to do what to do! The gas began to reach her nose and mouth, before she was able to hold her breath some of the poison entered her lungs. UHHHHHH!!!!! She grunted through her teeth. The gas’s poisons effect was being carried through her blood stream. As the poison passed through her body she felt her powers and strength begin to fade she was dying.

The Professional watched as the green cloud consumed the cell. She had calculated that it would take five minutes for Supergirl to perish in the chamber. Unlike others who had left Supergirl to her fate, the Professional intended to stay till Supergirl was as dead as a doornail.

The Girl of Steel fought the effects of the gas. Her assassin had also planed on Supergirl holding her breath. Little specks of kryptonite were catching on her body, draining her strength further. She didn’t have long. Supergirl needed a plan. She looked at the door the Professional had come in. There were rubber seals running along the seams between the glass.

If she could make the chamber lose its air integrity some of the gas would vent and maybe buy her some time. Supergirl summoned the last bits of power in her body and focused her vision on the rubber seal. The center of her eyes began to glow a fiery red. Supergirl wasn’t strong enough to create a more focused beam of heat with her eyes. Plus this use of the last bit of her power made her more susceptible to the poison gas. Her body began to go slack in her chains, Supergirl’s head was becoming cloudy she was losing the fight but kept the beam focused.

“Have to…..keep….it…up…”

The Professional checked her timer. It had reached five minutes. She quickly checked the gas gauge. They had vented their entire contents. A quick check of chamber showed the gas dissipating quickly. Ohh well, she thought, Russian nerve gas never was meant to last long. It wouldn’t last more than a minute in the air so she had to keep the chamber air tight. As the last gas faded she saw Supergirl hunched over in her chains. She smiled.

Supergirl’s head rested near her breasts. Despite being bound tightly the Professional saw she was quite limp. The assassin made her way to the stairs. She went to the chamber and opened the door. Supergirl was quite dead from the looks of it. Her chest wasn’t rising and some of her veins had turned green due to the kryptonite exposure. Her final check, no pluse. The Professional was pleased, she had killed Supergirl.

She undid the lifeless Maid of Might’s chains. Standing Supergirl up, she was positioned so the Professional could carry her over the shoulder. Supergirl’s lifeless arms hung down the Professional’s back. Supergirl’s cape and legs draped down her front. The hitwoman carried the heroine’s body back to a van parked away from the chamber.

Laying her down in the back the Professional didn’t bother to bind a corpse. She then drove the van to the designated rendezvous point. Parking it in an ally she then made a cellular phone call.

“This is your bodygirl, Supes is dead. The van is at the location designated in our agreement…Yes I videotaped it as requested…It was easy…Yes please transfer the remaining money into my foreign accounts.” Talking on the cell phone, the Professional let her guard down for a little bit. She didn’t lock the doors on the back of the van nor keep a constant eye on Supergirl. It’s the little mistakes that hurt.

The professional hung up the phone and then noticed a tap on her shoulder. Turning behind her she couldn’t believe her eyes! Supergirl alive and well, standing in her power pose with her hands on her hips.

“But….how…no pluse….WHAT THE HELL!”

That was all the hitwoman got out till a punch landed in her chest. It sent her flying into a wall and garbage pile. She was disoriented and confused. Supergirl grabbed the front of her black catsuit and lifted up. The Girl of Steel then threw the villain into the van. A few minutes later the villainess was bound with chains. Supergirl stood victor again.

“How Supergirl…how did you survive that? It was a special Russian nerve toxic added with kryptonite!” the professional asked.

“You did have me for a little bit. But I was able break your seal on the cell. It added some air in which helped dissipate the gas. I only managed to delude it a little. Enough was left to put me into a coma. Also next time you want to kill a kryptonain make sure you know we have real slow heart beats when weakened.” Supergirl smiled at the end if her explanation.

“Now lets play tell Supergirl who hired you.”


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