Web of Doom

“…and after they took the money out of the vault, the three of them just walked out the front door.” the bank manager said. “Then, after about 10 minutes the police showed up and cut us all loose from that sticky web stuff the older lady sprayed from her handbag.”

“All right. Thanks for your help sir,” replied Dyna-Girl. “I’m sure the police will be in touch with any information that becomes available.”

With that, the bank manager wandered back over to a cluster of police and reporters, leaving Dyna-Girl to puzzle over yet another crime.

“This definitely sounds like the work of the Black Widow,” the young heroine mused. “This is the fourth bank hold-up in two weeks. I wonder what’s gotten her so anxious and greedy all of the sudden.” Clad in her pink leotard and tights, with matching cape, gloves, and boots, the lovely pig-tailed young superheroine avoided the knot of reporters and made her way outside to the waiting Electra-Car.

Climbing inside the vehicle, she checked the famous Electra-Comp she wore on her left wrist. The device connected her with the ultimate computer system, Crime-Scope, and was the source of all her powers. “Still on full power automatic,” she muttered to herself. With her partner Electra-Woman away on foreign assignment for Newsmaker Magazine, in her alter ego Lori, of course. And their computer scientist Frank Heflin was also out of town, attending a Computer Recording And Processing convention in New York. That left the teenage superheroine Dyna-Girl to unravel this latest mystery.

Addressing her Electra-Comp, she said, “Crime-Scope, upload to Electra-Car’s display screen a city map and indicate the locations of the most recent crimes being attributed to the Black Widow.” Almost instantly the dashboard screen came to life with a detailed city map showing four small blinking dots. Gazing at the image and chewing on her lower lip, the teenage crimefighter had a sudden thought. “Crime-Scope, overlay the map with an image of the Black Widow’s hourglass insignia, aligning the four corners with the indicated crime scenes.”

Dyna-Girl gasped as she realized she had stumbled on the answer, or at least the next part of the puzzle. The hourglass aligned with the crime locations far too perfectly to be a coincidence. That could only mean one thing… “Crime-Scope, magnify image to show the point in the center of the hourglass.” The display zoomed in to show a residential neighborhood in the central part of the city. Above the indicated location, text appeared labeling the address as “5207 Rose Garden Lane, Resident: Eric Nid.”

The spandex and nylon clad young heroine’s eyes widened as she realized, “Eric Nid? Eric Nid? Wait a minute! Arachnid! Electra-clever!” Knowing she had uncovered Black Widow’s secret hideout, Dyna-Girl pondered her next move. “There’s no way Black Widow will be expecting anyone to find her, especially not this quickly. If I can take her by surprise, I can catch her without any trouble, even without Electra-Woman or Frank to help.”

Her plan decided, the petite young brunette activated the Electra-Car and sped through traffic, towards Black Widow’s secret hideout. A few minutes later, the Electra-Car came to a stop a block away from the address indicated by Crime-Scope. Nestled in a quiet suburban neighborhood, Dyna-Girl used the vehicle’s remote cameras to observe the suspected house. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary; the place looked just like all the other middle-class homes nearby.

“No cars in the driveway,” the teen heroine observed quietly. “This is the most electra-perfect place to put a hideout I could imagine, right in the middle of a normal quiet neighborhood.” The small house seemed almost cheery, with its bright paint and freshly-mowed lawn. “Not at all like a place you’d suspect an arch-criminal like Black Widow to be living.”

Getting out of the Electra-Car, Dyna-Girl moved around to the equipment bay in the side of the vehicle. Unlocking the compartment, she removed a long tan overcoat and then resealed the latch. Putting on the coat allowed the teenage voltage vixen to cover her brightly colored uniform. “This disguise will let me get close enough to have a good look around,” she thought as she made her way down the sidewalk.

Wary of being watched, the disguised heroine walked casually to the sidewalk leading to the house’s front porch. A closer examination of the home revealed nothing indicating any criminal activity.

“Oh well, here goes,” Dyna-Girl thought to herself. “I’ll use the old stop-and-ask-directions routine if anyone’s at home.” Crossing the porch, the beautiful young crimefighter pressed the doorbell. And waited. After a moment, she knocked on the door, calling, “Hello? Is anyone home?”

When no response came, she gingerly turned the doorknob slightly and found the front door unlocked.

“Electra-lucky for me! Now I don’t have to creep around looking for a way inside.”

Gently pushing open the door, Dyna-Girl slipped quietly inside, closing the door silently behind her. Nothing seemed amiss in the normal family home. As she moved through the living room, she began to have second thoughts.

“Maybe Crime-Scope is on the blink again,” she thought. “It would be very embarrassing for a family to come home and discover a disguised superheroine lurking around their empty house.”

Hesitantly she turned back toward the front door, her gaze passing across the dining room table. It was there that she noticed a neatly folded canvas bag. Clearly printed on the bag was a label reading First Savings Bank.


At that moment Dyna-Girl thought she heard the distant noise of a woman’s voice. Moving toward the sound, she came upon a hallway bookshelf that was very slightly ajar from the wall. A slight push was all I took to reveal a secret stairwell leading downward toward the sound of the mysterious voice.

Knowing she was indeed on the right track, Dyna-Girl removed the overcoat disguise, revealing her slender figure in the familiar pink leotard and tights. Steeling herself, she slipped into the secret passage and silently crept down the stairs. As she descended she could make out the voice of an older-sounding woman who seemed to be singing and muttering to herself.

Dyna-Girl found a dark alcove at the bottom of the stairs, which led to an open lighted area beyond. The alcove led out in an elaborate carved arch passageway. Peering around the corner, the young pig-tailed heroine saw a seemingly older woman whose back was turned to her. The woman, wearing a simple black dress, was standing over a table loaded with various denominations of money.

“Electra-terrific,” Dyna-Girl silently thought. “I’d recognize Black Widow anywhere. And she’s caught red-handed.” The teen dynamo also noticed that Black Widow’s black leather handbag was sitting atop the table, about three feet from the arch-villainess.

Dyna-Girl knew all about that handbag. All of the Black Widow’s tricks and traps were sprung from the contents of that vile satchel. “I can’t let her get her hands on that purse.” Using the advantage of surprise, the powerful young heroine emerged from the shadows. She stepped forward onto the tiled-area in the center of the archway and placed her hands on her hips in the classic heroine stance.

“Hold it right there, Black Widow,” called a triumphant young heroine. “Your crime spree is over.”

Black Widow turned a surprised face to the intruder. “Dyna-Girl! What a surprise. I wasn’t expecting company.” Black Widow played the part of the matronly old grandmother to the hilt.

“I’m sure you weren’t expecting me,” Dyna-Girl replied. “Now, don’t move, and tell me where your henchgirls are.” Her ready stance prepared her for any attack.

Ignoring the heroine’s last words, the older woman replied, “Oh, I must look a fright. Let me get my compact and powder this old nose of mine.” With that she made a move toward retrieving her bag. Wary of such a move, the feisty teen heroine was ready.

“Oh no you don’t! Activate Electra-Force Shield.” Dyna-Girl pressed a control on her wrist-mounted Electra-Com and aimed it at Black Widow. Immediately the arch-villainess was enveloped by a glowing silhouette that immobilized her, still an arm’s length away from her dreaded handbag. Black Widow struggled weakly but couldn’t escape the glowing confinement.

Victorious, the lovely young superheroine said, “Now that I’ve got you under wraps, let’s see about…” At that moment, a loud hiss of compressed air shot forth from the walls of the archway above and beside Dyna-Girl. She gasped as she looked down to see dozens of tiny white particles adhering to the leotard and tights of her colorful uniform. “What’s this?!” she blurted out.

Instantly all the white particles covering the shapely young heroine’s body seemed to explode into almost-microscopic white threads, whose tendrils quickly wrapped themselves around Dyna-Girl. Thousands of tiny web-like threads encircled the startled Dyna-Girl, pinning her arms to her side and wrapping themselves around her nylon tights-covered legs.

With her arm trapped, the force field holding Black Widow vanished. And struggle as she might, the beautiful young heroine remained trapped within the seemingly unbreakable strands. “Can’t… break free,” she panted as she writhed within the wicked bonds. Unable to hold her balance, Dyna-Girl slid down the wall and fell to her side on the tile floor, twisting her body in a futile effort to break free.

Meanwhile, the aged arch-villainess had recovered from the force filed assault and grasped her notorious handbag. She rummaged within it as she made her way over to the prone young Dyna-Girl, still held fast within her silky cocoon. “Well, well dearie,” the villainesses voice said. “It looks like you could use a bit of freshening up.”

With a look of horror, the helpless young heroine watched as Black Widow removed a small spray bottle from her purse. “No, you… can’t… do this,” she said as she struggled weakly. “No.., please.”

“Don’t worry darling,” Black Widow cooed, as she aimed the spray at Dyna-Girl’s unprotected face. “Everything’s going to be all right.” She then triggered the spray and the beautiful bound girl was helpless to avoid the sprayed mist.

Unable to dodge the spray, Dyna-Girl immediately felt the effects of the concentrated chloroform knock-out spray. “No…, don’t,” she muttered weakly. “Can’t… stay…. awake.” Dyna-Girl’s eyelids fluttered weakly and then her head lolled to the side as the anesthetic took full effect, dragging the weakened superheroine into unconsciousness. She lay limply, bound at Black Widow’s feet, helpless and totally unable to resist whatever fate the notorious arch-villainess had planned.

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