The Girl of Steel Meets the World’s Mightiest

The receptionist was looking at her email when she heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. Looking up she spied a pretty college burnet. The girl wore a white blouse with a demon jacket, a light blue skirt, and finally some opaque pantyhose and sandals.

“I have an appointment?” she began.

The receptionist quickly switched back to working, “Oh yes can I have your name?”

“Mary Batson.” She answered. Finally Mary was allowed to head to the office.

It had been five months since she had discovered her special abilities. She had been having some strange dreams, about flying, lighting, and a red costume. Then one night she had been practicing her gymnastics on the uneven bars. Her fingers had slipped and she had started falling toward the floor. The resulting injury would have crippled her right leg, would have. Without thinking she had shouted one word, Shazam.

That one word threw the young woman’s life out of the norm. She landed hard on her leg, but there was no pain. In fact she felt great, strong, confident, and light like she could fly. Her attire had also changed, into that of Mary Marvel. Since then Mary had fought crime in Greenville and on campus. She was dealing with a lot of emotional baggage thanks to this. So, she decided to confess to someone.

Dr. Melissa Madison was Greenville University’s psychologist. Mary had visited hoping she would have someone to talk to about her newfound abilities. The doc was a great help in sorting through her dreams meanings, dealing with the problems of being a superheroine, and it was nice to have someone she didn’t have to hide anything from. Mary entered the office and saw the doctor sitting at her desk. Like most psychologists, she had a couch a patient could sit on, a variety of books, and a tape recorder. Melissa was a burnet as well with her hair kept in a ponytail. She wore a pair of thin wire glasses which where in the pocket of her black suit jacket. This was draped over her chair which allowed her light blue blouse to seen.

“Mary, how have you been?” the doctor said as she got up. Melissa was dressed pretty much like Mary with a skirt and pantyhose, although she had taken off her shoes for comfort.

“Great Melissa, I’ve really been enjoying out sessions.” Mary answered taking the doctor’s hand.

Melissa flashed her smile, “I’ve been enjoying them as well, how often do you get to help a superheroine?”


“I know Mary, relax your secret is still safe with me.” Melissa said as she went for her chair.

Mary put her back pack down and went over to the doctor’s couch. Kicking off her shoes she wiggled her nylon encased toes. Taking a seat she waited for the doctor to pull up her office chair. Once in position they began Mary’s session.

“So what would you like to talk about today?” the doctor began.

Mary lay down on the couch and crossed her legs on top of each other, “I’m not sure, I’ve been thinking about going to see some of the other heroines.”

“Really, I was going to suggest that today.” Melissa said.

“Oh? Well I think I should meet at least a few of them. Never know when it could help to have some back up.” Mary concluded.

“Oh before we get to into it, how were those fighting classes going?” Melissa inquired.

Mary smiled, “I’m at the top of my class. I’ve learned all sorts of ways to take someone down without hurting them, it’s been a big help when I’m taking down bad guys.” She was proud to past that on; it had been another of the doctor’s suggestions.

Melissa smiled, quite seductively, Mary thought, “I’m glad, now Mary do you wish to go into you’re latest dream?”

“Sure doc, this one has been bugging me…” Mary began to tell her dream, “I’m Mary Marvel, and I’m fighting someone…can’t tell who. I see flashes of red and blue. There’s a large body of water, then it gets real fuzzy.”

Melissa made the usual umhum noises a psychologist makes. After writing a few notes she looked up at Mary, “Mary would you like to see if we could get any deeper into your dream?”

“Yeah, I guess we should. Okay let me get ready.” Mary began to relax herself. Melissa moved her chair over to her desk and reached in the bottom drawer. Inside was a small bottle with a white cloth and a crystal attached to a small chain. She removed both items and scooted back over to Mary. Dr. Madison had told Mary about a technique she developed that used drossiness and hypnosis.

Mary looked over at the doctor as she prepared. Melissa took the cloth and poured a small amount of chloroform onto it. With that done she put the cap on the bottle and came close to Mary.

“All right Mary, are you ready?” the doctor asked.

Mary nodded, “Yes let’s get started.”

Melissa smiled politely and placed the cloth over Mary’s mouth and nose. The young coed breathed in the anesthetic. Her muscles became slightly weaker; she could feel her mind get just a tad cloudy. Melissa hadn’t used enough chloroform to knock out Mary, but it did slow her body down and weaken her. After a minute of exposure to the chloroform, Melissa withdrew the cloth, laying it at her feat. She then took her crystal on the chain.

The doctor began to slowly move the crystal across Mary’s field of vision, “Mary, can you hear me?”

“Yes…I can hear…you.” She replied weakened by chloroform. Melissa smiled, everything was working.

“Good, now I want you to follow the crystal Mary, follow it with your eyes only.” She said in the voice a mother would use with a child, soft reassuring, “Follow it Mary, as you do you’ll feel sleepy.”

Mary’s drugged eyes followed the crystal, which glistened with the light from the doctor’s office.

“Don’t fight it Mary, its too powerful just give in. Fall asleep, there’s no point trying to fight it.” The doctor spoke.

The young superheroine followed the crystal with her eyes, trusting the doctor who had become her friend. Melissa watched as Mary’s eyes grew weaker, they began to dip slowly, she was almost there.

“That’s it, nice, deep sleep Mary.” Mary’s eyes fluttered once and she had one last thought, in fact it was one that occurred every time she had gone into one of these states, Mary, wake up, Mary! Wake up!

The young brunet finally closed her eyes, falling deep into the hypnotic sleep. Melissa took her hand and stroked Mary’s face smiling with the same seductive one she would have every time the young woman fell under her power, “Good girl.”

Melissa picked up the chloroform rag and put a full dose on it just incase she needed it. Then she removed her crystal from its chain. Getting out of her chair she walked quietly to her phone and picked it up, “Hi, Sally I’m not going to need you for the rest of today, why don’t you head home.”

This got rid of her receptionist. Melissa then closed the blinds to the office, and walked over to her wall. Removing her diploma after the wall Melissa then revealed the small safe behind it. Doing the combination quickly she opened up the safe to retrieve her ultimate item. It was a gold necklace, pure 24 carrots. There was a spot on the necklace for a large jewel or crystal. Here she placed her special crystal.

Melissa walked back over to the sleeping Mary. Her stocking feet made no noise as she took her seat again. Bringing her chair close again she lightly stroke Mary’s face and hair. With her left hand she felt Mary’s pantyhosed legs.

“Mary can you hear me?” the doctor asked.

“Yes.” Mary responded no longer suffering from the chloroform. Her voice was one of one of control, not Mary’s usually chipper voice.

“Good, now your dream, tell me about it.” Melissa ordered softly.

“I’m Mary Marvel, I go to Chicago and fight Supergirl.”

Melissa smiled, “Yes you do Mary, you’re going to fight her and win. Then you’re going to bring her to me.”

Melissa Madison was not her real name. She had used many alias this was merely one of them. She did have a background in psychology. Studying it she also drove into the world of hypnotism. Learning more and more about it, Melissa became quite good at it. So how did she use this talent? Simple, she used it for her own ends. Men, women had been seduced and hypnotized into doing her bidding. Mysteria, as she was better known in the law enforcement community had even stolen money from Lex Corp, which was one of the reasons she was laying low.

I guess Natasha was a little pissed I hypnotized her, she thought with glee, but now it was time to get back to business. Taking her job at Greenville University she had hoped to lay low for awhile. Then Mary Batson walked into her office. The foolish young heroine confessed her secrets to Mysteria, and with that she formed a plan. Melissa had recently acquired a strange item from Greece.

It was supposed to have magical powers, and according to Mary her powers were based on Magic. First she had gained a back door into Mary’s mind, and then she even managed to gain access into the mind of Mary Marvel. Although Ms. Marvel fought her more than Mary had, she was still under her control. Her first suggestions had been in the form of dreams to Mary, learning about her powers, how to fight, and now her latest dream.

“Now Mary its time to change, stand up please.” Mysteria asked.

Mary stood up still under the villianess’s control. Once on her feet Mysteria looked over once, Mary had a lovely body. Maybe I should have a little fun later, the woman thought.

“Now Mary speak you’re word to transform you.”

Mary nodded and said one word, “Shazam.”

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